Suede - Bloodsports

Suede Bloodsports cover
Definitely, seeing Suede back after a long break is good news for the fans of the band. The truth is that the fans had been longing for a new album since the band’s return almost 3 years ago. “Bloodspots” is the band’s new studio work with totally new material in 10 years, since the disappointing “A New Morning”.
The band’s front man, Anderson, said that this album is about the lust, chase and the endless carnal game of love. I won’t disagree with that. But what about the music? It’s true that Suede are, possibly, the most likable Britpop band to me. Of course, this ain’t the mid-90s anymore and the band’s popularity is not what it was back in the day. You see things are moving so fast in our time that when you choose to recede from the scene then someone else will come and claim your seat.
“Bloodsports” is an OK release in general, with an exceptional production. You won’t find any new features here, the sound is the classic Britpop with rock and alternative references. Whilst it is too popy (and a bit gay rock) for my liking at times, it does contain some radio-friendly tracks like “Barriers”, “It Starts and Ends with You” & “Sabotage” but overall it’s nothing groundbreakin’ by any means. Moreover, the second half is a bit more downbeat and weak at large. Even the cover artwork is appalling. Assuredly, it will please the thousands of the band’s followers… but then again it will not be on the top of their favorite Suede albums. Definitely, better than the band’s couple previous works. I think they had the time to come up with something stronger… although they didn’t…