HIM - Tears on Tape

HIM Tears on Tape cover
Tears on Tape
Who would have thought that when HIM began their career in the late 90s they would create a whole new gay love metal gothic union! I’m sure they also couldn’t foresee that thing. But yeap, due to HIM we have those big gayVamp “epic” films like “Twilight” and the “glorious” TV series “The Vampire Diaries”! Especially in our time it is a “must” to be a gay vampire or werewolf just for the sake of it. Teen girls absolutely love ‘em and loveless teen boys are envy of their “gay idols” that have so great an impact on the girls’ community.
Therefore, what new does “Tears on Tape” offer us? Well, nothing! It’s the same recipe of gay-love-rock-metal tunes that a pathetic loveless guy sings just in case he finds a teen girl who will feel sorry about him and try to satisfy HIM in every way! Wow that’s good! If it works for ya then I’m off the hook! Of course, this album as all the previous does not contain a big “hit” like “Join Me in Death”… but that doesn’t mean that you won’t see them on TV or all over the web. I feel like I’m changing… if I listen to this album for any sec more… I’ll surely turn into a gayVamp… niuaouoaargghh… The most apt title would have been “Tears as I Gape”… Swell!