The Angels - Taking It to the Streets

The Angels
Taking It to the Streets
The Angels, have been an Aussie Rock n’ Roll band, with some odd, 20 releases or so, half of which or so must be studio works, that started off in the mid-70s and were sort of helped out a bit by some people in the AC/DC camp to hook up with their company Alberts. They played a pretty standard and straightforward no frills rock and met instant success with their “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?” tune, which would instantly incite the crowd to respond “No way, get fucked, fuck off” Whilst outside Australia this may have been seen as a negative response, from an Australian audience and in the context of the Australian sense of humour this was recognized as high praise.
At any rate a great many years, many live and compilation albums and a semi successful original line up reunion later, (which incidentally ended up with their original singer Doc Neeson, pursuing a solo career), the band wasted no time an recruited The Screaming Jets singer Dave Gleeson with whom they recorded their comeback album “Take It To The Streets”. It features mostly new material, but it also has 3 re-duxes of old Angels songs as well as an Elvis Costelo cover. Things are a bit different, because, Neeson, was for better or worse their voice, for most of their career, but Gleeson, ain’t a long way far, stylistically – in fact he’s probably a little grittier which ain’t a bad thing, I guess.
The riffs are still simple but effective and the music still, simple as it can be, straightforward, no frills rock n’ roll. It works. The newer stuff like the rousing “To The Streets” or the quirky but melodic “Wounded Healer” mingle well with the older stuff like “No Sleep In Hell”, “When The Time Comes”, or “Small Price”. The cover, also varies, things, nicely. Overall, if you enjoy, rock n’ roll and you dig, simple 70s rock, this might be right up yer alley!