Wars release new singles “Only Monsters” and “A Fog of Feeling”

Wars Chapter One single cover
The chronicle has officially begun as metal quintet Wars have announced the release of “Only Monsters” and “A Fog of Feeling”. The combination of which are named “Chapter One” and lead with a Herculean strength that leaves the ear embedded in an intoxicating sonic cliff hanger setting the scene for the following chapters, which will result in the forthcoming album “A Hundred Shivers”, which is scheduled for release in 2021 via A Wolf At Your Door Records.
Releasing an album in chapters may be untraditional, yet according to vocalist Rob Vicars, that was part of the appeal: “It means we can wrap all our little communications around each individual selection of songs really tightly, and be creative in a tonne of different spaces, all over the course of this one record.To get to release what we’ve been working on, and even what we will be working on, over the course of this record, to be able to just keep putting this out as a persistent thing feels like the perfect compliment to the way we write and create”.
Wars have released “Only Monsters” as the first single from “A Fog of Feeling”. The track is a scorching sparkplug of societal commentary on the climate of division we live in, underscored with powerful instrumentation.
Vicars shares that dissecting this sensation of “bizarre helplessness” left a lingering series of key questions that Wars looked forward to exploring in their work for the first time.
“How does that affect our mindsets, how much of that is poison that seeps into us and alters how we see and act in the world? Why does it feel like we’re in this exhausting, non-stop struggle to just get those that look after this society to actually be on our side? It’s really the first time we’ve spoken about this sort of thing in our music and I’m excited to have it out there, and to get "Chapter One" opened”.

The band have also released “A Fog of Feeling”, which further introduces listeners to the first piece of a greater thematic puzzle that the chapters of “A Hundred Shivers” will cumulate to. Vicars shared that the band’s previous release, “As Within /// So Without”, served as the exposition to the narrative they’ll unfurl in their second release.
“"A Hundred Shivers" began life as this expansion of the ideas we started with on the EP, "As Within /// So Without", and it’s grown and snaked even broader than we originally thought it might. That idea of internal chaos and disorder reflecting out onto the world around you remains, and we talk within that about the relentlessness of just existing in society now; the impact losing yourself has on those around you; escape; guilt; fear… We’re still in awe of the fact we get a platform to go all in on these ideas and bring them out”.
“A Hundred Shivers” is being produced by Matt O’Grady, who has also worked with the likes of Architects, Don Broco, Deaf Havana, and You and Me at Six.
Now that the story has been set, listeners can look forward to seeing how Wars’ epic tale of modern disillusionment unfolds.

Watch the video for “Only Monsters” below, Stream and download both “Only Monsters” and “A Fog of Feeling” here.