Varego releases music video for title track “I, Prophetic”

Varego video pic
Italy’s heavy sludge rockers Varego are set to return with a brand new album titled “I, Prophetic”, on February, 15th 2019, via Argonauta Records!

On their third album, the four-piece band will deliver eight new songs of unrelentless energy and fury, unceasing guitar riffing, yet built on progressive structures with a sort of cinematic touch. “I, Prophetic” takes us on a voivodian, atmospheric trip and a sound journey through space, different dimensions, minds and pure avant-garde chaos. To join them on this very special trip of an album, Varego are now unleashing upon us the album title track “I, Prophetic”!

“We are excited to release today our new official videoclip”, the band comments. “"I, Prophetic" is not only the title-track of our new album, but also a video released by a team-work of friends, able to capture our interdimensional journey, a song representing Varego at its best today, with both melodic and aggressive vocals, intricated riffs and killer drums”.

Watch the band’s haunting new video below.

Set for a release on February 15th, 2019, via rising label Argonauta Records, the pre-order for the band’s upcoming CD & Vinyl formats is now available: Bundles, CD and LP.

1. Origin
2. The Abstract Corpse
3. I Prophetic
4. Of Dust
5. Silent Giants
6. When the Wolves Howl
7. Duelist
8. Zodiac

Varego was formed in 2009 in Arenzano, Genova, by Davide Marcenaro (vocals & bass), Alberto Pozzo (guitar), Simon Lepore on drums and Argonauta Records’ boss Gerolamo Lucisano (guitar). Following the band’s previous, critically acclaimed full-lengths, Varego quickly established themselves as one of the top stoner and sludge rock bands the Italian heavy music scene has to offer. “I, Prophetic” will not only mark a new step in the band's career and with a heavy touring cycle over Europe to follow, but will also stand out as their most compelling record to date.

Davide Marcenaro - Voice/Bass
Alberto Pozzo - Guitar
Gerolamo Lucisano - Guitar
Simon Lepore - Drums