Theraphosa to release debut full-length album “Transcendence” on April 24th 2020

Theraphosa Transcendence cover
Proudly adopting the name of the world's largest spider, Parisian progressive/groove metal trio Theraphosa have announced the forthcoming release of their debut studio album - and the follow-up to their 2018 self-titled EP - “Transcendence”, which will arrive on April 24th, 2020, via Season Of Mist.

Describing themselves as “brothers in blood and in blood shed”, Vincent Dubout (vocals, guitar), Matthieu Dubout (bass, backing vocals) and Martin Grimart (drums)  began playing music together since their early youth - a journey that peaked when the band released their self-titled 2018 debut EP with the assistance of Jan Rechberger, better known as the drummer of Amorphis.

Taking little pause to begin recording their debut full-length in Sainte-Marthe Studio in Paris, France, Theraphosa have collaborated with critically-acclaimed producer Francis Caste (The Great Old Ones, Hangman’s Chair, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber) to create “Transcendence” - a “cult” of groove-laden, fatalistic melodies that toy with the concept of man’s potential to surpass the human condition, and what the trio consider today to be the “decay of mankind, its values and behaviors”.

"Working with Francis was an incredible experience”, says Theraphosa vocalist Vincent Dubout. “He has instantly understood the concept of the band and we are very happy with the result”.

“Almost every song on "Transcendence" has a religious feel, and we believe that this is something the listener will experience”, continues Vincent, offering further light on the band’s forthcoming debut full-length. “There is a will to reach a higher level of strength through spirituality, self-consciousness and acceptance of one’s own darkness”.

This is not the sole facet of Theraphosa’s forthcoming release, however. Vincent acknowledges the concept of transcendence (religious or otherwise) as a wide and divisive theme, stating that multiple opinions and viewpoints on the topic emerged even within the trio themselves. Thus, the lyrical concepts and themes interlaced within “Transcendence” have been developed through several aspects that will play out across the album’s duration.

“Transcendence” will be released on 24th April via Season of Mist. 

1. Stigmata of the Purest Pain
2. The Curse of Chronos
3. Mother Night
4. Dies Irae
5. Obsession
6. The Morning Star
8. The Legacy of Arachne

Vincent Dubout - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Matthieu Dubout - Bass & Back Vocals
Martin Grimart - Drums