The Stone to release new studio album “Teatar apsurda” on December 9th 2017

The Stone Teatar apsurda cover
In the godless of universe, among the unfaithful ghouls, there's no pulse of existence, no men's flesh. Winds of the preposterous set the stage of doom, where no motion acts, where no voice speaks, only the profound power of surd breathes, encompassed by the perpetual silence in bleak cacophony.

Here, we present you “Teatar apsurda”, the 8th studio album of one of the most distinctive and authentic creations within the spectrum of Black Metal, The Stone.

Founded in 1996 in Belgrade, Serbia, the band has never ceased to embrace the darkness as the primal mark on its artistic shoulders and with plethora of releases, tours and festival appearances under their belt, proved to be one of the strongest and uncompromised musical entities over the past two decades.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hellsound Studio in Czech Republic, with producer and drummer Honza Kapák (Master's Hammer, Avenger), bringing the essence to the most nihilistic pinnacles, where the craft meets the darkness and the dark emanates the art. It's an abysmal gift of beastly aggressiveness which characterizes this glorious, new opus of The Stone, celebrating the demons of the inner spirit and mind.

“Teatar apsurda” is out on December 9th, 2017, via Mizantropeon Records.

1. Gavranovo (7:36)
2. Mrtvog negativ (5:53)
3. Moj grob (7:09)
4. Nuklearan (6:03)
5. Ja, car i bog (7:17)
6. Harmonija u haosu (6:02)
7. Teatar apsurda (8:34)