The Price releases debut single and video for “On the Edge of Madness”

The Price On the Edge of Madness single cover
The Italian producer and musician Marco Barusso presents his new solo project and the first single and video “On the Edge of Madness”, featuring Enrico Ruggeri (vocals), with Ryan Blake Folden (Lacuna Coil) on drums.

A stormy relationship can push a man to brink of madness, where the darkest emotions turn into obsessions, to the point that the distinction between nightmare and reality becomes blurred.

There’s a sort of “noir feeling” inside “On the Edge of Madness”, the first single and video clip released by Marco Barusso, who launches his new solo project The Price and the forthcoming album. The song, which was composed together with Giordano Adornato (Cayne’s vocalist), deals with the other side of love, through a powerful and obscure sound, where you can find alternative rock, scandinavian metal and some ‘80s new wave.

A combination of elements which is strengthened by the radio-friendly melodies that features Marco Barusso’s style, well known in Italy for his famous collaborations as a producer and sound engineer (Lacuna Coil, Pooh, Coldplay, Eros Ramazzotti, Modà and many others).

The famous Italian singer Enrico Ruggeri, who has worked with Barusso on several occasions, accepted his proposal to sing “On the Edge of Madness” and he also appears in some scenes of the video.

“You can compose beautiful songs whatever is your genre. "On the edge of madness" is an emotional song, which is written and arranged from the heart”, explains the singer, “when Marco Barusso, soul of The Price, made me listen to it and proposed me to sing it, I plunged joyfully on this adventure. Rock is my home, but here I found an amazing parlour”.

The brilliant line-up includes, in addiction to Enrico Ruggeri (vocals) and Marco Barusso (guitars, keyboards and backing vocals), also the American drummer Ryan Blake Folden (Lacuna Coil), the bass-player Matteo Bassi (Laura Pausini, 883, Elisa) and Amerigo Vitiello (backing vocals).

The videoclip for “On the Edge of Madness” was produced by 1111 Film (Francesco Collinelli, Vincenzo Ricchiuto and Davide Debenedetti) and made in Milano in a urban landscape and a nocturnal setting “almost to recreate a sort of Gotham City”, explains the producer, who appears for a short cameo in the video. In the streets of the Lombardy’s chief town takes place the morbid and hallucinatory story of a man imprisoned in a stalking experience, persecuted by a female figure with dreamlike outlines.

“On the Edge of Madness” is the first of a series of videoclips connected by the theme of human pathological relationships, and aimed to accompany, in the coming months, the release of several singles of the The Price project.

At the album’s release a promotional tour will follow, where Marco Barusso and his band will bring onstage the tracks of the album and some songs composed with his former bands: Cayne and the great english band Heavy Metal Kids.

Enrico Ruggeri: Lead Voice
Ryan Blake Folden: Drums
Matteo Bassi: Bass
Amerigo Vitiello: Backing Vocals
Marco Barusso: Guitars, Synth, Programming, Backing Vocals

Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed @ BRX STUDIO, Milan, by Marco Barusso
Mastered by Marco D'Agostino @ Studio, Milan
Assistant: Dario Valentini

Actors: Antonio De Nitto, Marica Cotognini
Guest actors: Enrico Ruggeri, Caterina Camesasca, Matteo Bassi, Davide Debenedetti, Marco Barusso.