Tarja premiere first track and video “Love to Hate (Live in London)” from her upcoming release “Act II”

Tarja Act II pic
Today, Tarja reveals the first song from her brand new live-art-album & video “Act II”.

The bombastic live version of “Love to Hate” has been recorded at renowned Metropolis Studios in London, UK, and showcases Tarja’s impressive vocal range and talent for compositions. In London, Tarja and band performed an intimate, yet rocking version of the fan favourite in front of 20 lucky winners from all over Europe.

The song, originally from her worldwide chart success “The Shadow Self”, gives a powerful taste of the forthcoming live release and can be found on the video version of “Act II” only.

The official live video is now available below.

“Love to Hate (Live in London)” is also available to stream and download here.

“Act II”, the follow up to Tarja’s worldwide Top 10 chart success, combines two incredible, yet slightly different live performances on video.

The first chapter, “Metropolis Alive”, has been filmed two months prior to the release of Tarja’s 2016 success “The Shadow Self”. Twenty (20) winners from all over Europe were lucky to witness Tarja’s intimate, yet rocking 75 minute set at renowned Metropolis Studios in London, UK where the singer performed songs from her then unreleased album – for the first time in front of an audience.

“Act II’s” second chapter has been recorded on November 29th, 2016 at the magnificent Teatro della Luna in Milan, Italy and includes hits from all four Tarja albums such as “Innocence”, “Die Alive”, “Until My Last Breath” as well as an incredible cover of Muse’s classic “Supremacy”. That night’s set list also enchants the soprano’s long-time fans with a medley consisting of the distinctive Nightwish evergreens “Ever Dream”, “Slaying The Dreamer” and “The Riddler”. All topped off with a remarkable acoustic set which presents Tarja classics in a brand new way.

Even though the shows deliberately differ in look, sound, approach to the music and adrenalin, both have one thing in common: from the very first to the very last tune, the state of the art production displays Tarja’s energetic performance and her graceful, charming presence.

“Live videos became more and more mere documentations focusing on a band’s performance in a remote, distant and technical way. The lightshow and the LED’s only support the band’s performance but have no significance of their own. With "Act II" it is different. Here everything has a significance, every little detail is important because it is not only a live-recording, a live-documentation.

In the video, every song was treated in order to transport the feeling I wanted to express live at the show. As close as possible to the way the audience might have felt it that night. We used additional footages, used video snippets, photos and graphics and worked with lights, framings and reflections, changed colours and created moods, distorted pictures and inserted slides. And sometimes we kept the pure picture because itself it transported everything we wanted. "Act II" is not a live-video, it is a live-art-video and you are free to discus it very controversially; what is exactly what I want”.

“Act II” is going to be released on July 27th, 2018, on earMusic as 2CD digipak, 3LP Gatefold (180g, black), DVD, Blu-ray, Limited Mediabook 2CD+2BD (incl. two full live shows filmed at Woodstock Festival in Poland and Hellfest in France as bonus) and Digital.

A wide variety of exclusive, limited fan items and bundles can be found on Tarja’s official web shop here.

“Act I”, Tarja’s first ever live release, charted Top 10 all over Europe as well as almost all over the world, with a sensational #5 in Germany's General Charts. The video version even remained for over two months at the peak of the Finnish music video charts.

“Act II” keeps the energy and aesthetics of its predecessor, but adds a new chapter to the live saga in a brand new way.

“Turn of the lights, volume up and dive into the show!”, says Tarja.


1. No Bitter End
2. 500 Letters
3. Eagle Eye
4. Demons in You
5. Lucid Dreamer
6. Shameless
7. The Living End
8. Calling from the Wild
9. Supremacy
10. Tutankhamen - Ever Dream - The Riddler - Slaying the Dreamer

1. Goldfinger
2. Deliverance
3. Until Silence - The Reign - Mystique Voyage - House of Wax - I Walk Alone
4. Love to Hate
5. Victim of Ritual
6. Undertaker
7. Too Many
8. Innocence
9. Die Alive
10. Until My Last Breath

Filmed at Metropolis Studios, London, UK, 6th of June 2016:
1. No Bitter End
2. Eagle Eye
3. Sing for Me
4. Love to Hate
5. The Living End
6. Medusa
7. Calling from the Wild
8. Victim of Ritual
9. Die Alive
10. Innocence
11. Until My Last Breath
12. Too Many

Filmed at Teatro della Luna Assago in Milan, Italy, 29th of November, 2016:
1. Against the Odds
2. No Bitter End
3. 500 Letters
4. Eagle Eye
5. Demons in You
6. Lucid Dreamer
7. Shameless
8. The Living End
9. Calling from the Wild
10. Supremacy
11. Tutankhamen – Ever Dream - The Riddler – Slaying the Dreamer
12. Goldfinger
13. Deliverance
14. Until Silence - The Reign - Mystique Voyage - House of Wax - I Walk Alone
15. Love to Hate
16. Victim of Ritual
17. Undertaker
18. Too Many
19. Innocence
20. Die Alive
21. Until My Last Breath

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This autumn, Tarja will be touring all over Europe together with Stratovarius with “A Nordic Symphony ‘18”.

European Tour Dates 2018:
01.10.2018 - Frankfurt – Batschkapp
02.10.2018 - Kiel – Max
03.10.2018 - Hannover – Capitol
05.10.2018 - Karlsruhe – Substage
07.10.2018 - Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg
09.10.2018 - Bochum – Matrix
10.10.2018 - Cologne – Essigfabrik
11.10.2018 - Saarbrücken – Garage
13.10.2018 - Solothurn – Kofmehl
14.10.2018 - Grenoble - La Belle Electrique
16.10.2018 - Rome – Orion
17.10.2018 - Milan – Alcatraz
18.10.2018 - Munich – Backstage
20.10.2018 - Innsbruck - Music Hall
21.10.2018 - Prague - Forum Karlín
22.10.2018 - Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg
24.10.2018 - Gdansk - B90
25.10.2018 - Krakow – Studio
26.10.2018 - Dresden – Reithalle
28.10.2018 - Budapest – Barba Negra
29.10.2018 - Sofia - Universiada Sports Hall