Synthetic to release new studio album “Clepsydra: Time Against Infinity” on October 2nd 2020

Synthetic Clepsydra Time Against Infinity cover
Synthetic announce the release of their second full length album “Clepsydra: Time Against Infinity”, out on October 2nd, 2020!

Both musically and lyrically, “Clepsydra: Time Against Infinity” is a natural progression from the band’s debut album (“Here Lies the Truth”).

Still an amalgamation of Scandinavian, American and British soundscapes only this time in a more unifying form across the songs, with a slightly heavier and darker mood and with more prominent prog elements as well as sporadic symphonic parts.

The album was mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti (The Metal House Studio / Disarmonia Mundi).

Album artwork and layout by Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design

“Clepsydra: Time Against Infinity” will be released through ROAR! Rock of Angels Records, physically and digitally worldwide on October 2nd, 2020.

Pre-order the album: Physical & Digital.

1. Time Against Infinity
2. Graceful Ignorance
3. Slipwalk
4. Shades of Tomorrow
5. Hostile Design
6. Clepsydra
7. Autumn Scars
8. The Road to Salvation
9. Crimson Farewell
10. Into Oblivion
11. Cage of Hopes

Sterge B. - Vocals
Simon Charkas - Guitars
Faried Verheul - Guitars
Hallam Smith - Keyboards/Guitars
Chris Cassidy - Bass
Argyris Thomoglou - Drums