Sunset Eyes to release debut single “Hey Baby” on September 27th 2019

Sunset Eyes Hey Baby single cover
Sunset Eyes began as jam sessions with Ola Himberg (guitar) and Vegard Liverød (bass/vocals) and lots of friends. A wild André Drage appeared on drums, booked a gig and claimed they should start a band. Some jams, songs and gigs later the band figured that they were missing something. Magnus Johansen joined on Hammond, and the sounds emanating from the guys’ heads was complete. With all members from vastly different musical backgrounds, they have all found the fundamental grounds of which to stand together. 

Hailing from Oslo (Norway), Sunset Eyes aim for the giant sounds of Funkadelic, Thin Lizzy and Jimi Hendrix to propel the spirit from an era of loud sounds, peace, freedom, love and happiness. Continuously jamming way into the night. While on a journey to keep the rock ‘n’ roll river from running dry. Sunset Eyes is here to make you smile.

On September 27th the band will release their first single “Hey Baby”, and more songs are lined up to spread the joys of ear popping rock ‘n’ roll this fall.

Regarding “Hey Baby” frontman Vegard Liverød has commented: “"Hey Baby" is an ode to all the women of this earth, thank you for being beautiful”.

Ola Himberg: Guitar
Vegard Liverød: Bass, vocals
Andre Drage: Drums
Magnus Johansen: Keys