Star Chase to release new studio album “Afterlife” on February 28th 2018

Star Chase Afterlife cover
MelodicRock Records is very pleased to continue their relationship with the very fine melodic rock stars of Melbourne, Australia – Star Chase!

The band's new album “Afterlife” will be released via MRR on February 28th, 2018.

For those that may not know, Star Chase is the 5 piece melodic rock band featuring a very familiar name on lead vocals/guitars – Jason Old from The Radio Sun (and previously Safire, Square One, Someone Elses Life).

After the 15th anniversary of the original “Safire” EP, Steve and Jase began writing together initially for fun, with no other plan other than to write as many songs as they could. This eventually led to having over 20 songs written in a few months.
After putting the band together it was clear there was a chemistry so the next step was to record an album with no real expectation. The resulting, “The New Day” debut was a collection of 11 rocking tunes for fans of “two guitar & keyboard” rock with huge harmonies.
This band has their own unique sound. It continues on into this, their second studio album “Afterlife”.
“Afterlife” is an album that will continue to please fans of the debut and The Radio Sun, and fans of classic feel good melodic rock, Australian style AOR and songs with big hooks and even bigger harmonies.

Jason Old - Lead vocals/guitars (The Radio Sun)
Steve Martret - Lead guitars/vocals and producer (Safire)
Gilbert Annese - Drums (Square One,Someone Elses Life)
Aaron Suter - Keyboards/vocals (Safire)
Anthony Wong - Bass/vocals (Someone Elses Life)