Spectrum Of Delusion to release new studio album “Neoconception” on September 11th 2020

Spectrum Of Delusion Neoconception cover
Having recently signed with rising extreme metal label The Artisan Era, Spectrum Of Delusion is excited to announce their upcoming sophomore album, “Neoconception”, which will be released on Friday, September 11th, 2020.

It is the follow up to the group’s promising 2017 debut album, “Esoteric Entity”, which was widely praised by death metal fans and sites alike across the world. 

The haunting cover art for “Neoconception” was created by renowned artist Caelan Stokkerman known for his work with bands such as Soreption, Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index, Exocrine, and more. “Neoconception” includes impressive guest musician spots by Equipoise and Virulent Depravity guitarist Nick Padovani on multiple tracks, guest vocals from Disavowed and Arsebreed vocalist Robbert Kok, and several voice-over actor spots across the album to further immerse the listener in the concept album’s storyline.

Active since 2013, the Katwijk, the Netherlands-based group, has been laboring intensely on the creation of “Neoconception” for the last four years. The end result not only outshines their lauded debut album, but it also shows Spectrum Of Delusion fully coming into their own musically and as songwriters. “Neoconception” improbably yet sublimely merges the cerebral, often groovy, and prominent fretless bass centered stylings of groups like Beyond Creation with a dark, chaotic, bombastic, and brutal focus that calls to mind groups such as Spawn of Possession, Blotted Science, The Faceless, and Defeated Sanity.

Consisting of 13 tracks driven by complex and atypical song structures and clocking in at just over 40 minutes, “Neoconception” is an impressive feat of forward-thinking death metal. One that will absolutely be counted among the best of 2020 death metal releases. Spectrum Of Delusion - “Neoconception” will strongly appeal to fans of groups such as Spawn of Possession, Suffocation, Obscura, Defeated Sanity, The Faceless, Blotted Science, and Nile.

You can check out an extended album teaser video for “Neoconception” below. 

Spectrum Of Delusion band statement regarding "Neoconception”:
“"Neoconception" quite literally and figuratively stands for the start of something new. Story-wise, we don’t want to reveal too much. People should have fun reading the lyrics, listening to the voice acting, and piecing all the information together themselves. To shed a little light on the story though, it is about the experience of a person whose reality suddenly turns defunct, the world events that follow, and the person in question's journey of dealing with it”.
01. Downfall
02. Defunct Reality
03. Animosity
04. Pointless Endeavor
05. Torment of Being
06. Welcome Death
07. Await the Transition
08. Into Another Formation
09. Bringing Serenity
10. Destruction
11. Through Mankind’s True Ambition
12. To Tower Over All Other
13. Alone
Douwe Negenman – Vocals / Lyrics
Frank van Rijswijk (Cadaverous) - Guitars / Composition
Nathan Bonkerk (Hypercovoluter) – Guitars / Orchestral Arrangements 
Jerry Kamer (Hyperconvoluter) – Fretless Bass
Jeroen Mostert – Drums

Guest Spots: 
• Acoustic guitars on "Pointless Endeavor”, "Torment of Being", "Into Another Formation”, "Bringing Serenity”, "Destruction" and "To Tower Over All Other” by Nick Padovani from Equipoise & Virulent Depravity
• Guest vocals on "To Tower Over All Other” by Robbert Kok from Disavowed & Arsebreed 
• Voice Actors: Ariel Hack, Joseph Beacham, Alexander de Vries, and  Bonnie Bogovich