SleapingDreaming share first track “Let Birds Feast on Your Dead Eyes”

SleapingDreaming Victory Roses cover
Brooklyn based trio playing some heavy-ish shoegaze/dreamy/post-rock kinda stuff, SleapingDreaming just shared a first audio excerpt from its upcoming album with a song called “Let Birds Feast on Your Dead Eyes”.

This song will feature on the band’s debut album, “Victory Roses”, coming out on March 8th, 2019,  on CD & Digital editions on Bandcamp.

Stream the single “Let Birds Feast on Your Dead Eyes” below.

Pre-order the album here.

1. Let Birds Feast on Your Dead Eyes
2. Suspire
3. Orb Web
4. Rainbow Dash

SleapingDreaming is a Brooklyn (NYC) based trio that creates dense, noisy, layered music. Occasional vocals cover dreamy, haunting, hypnotic soundscapes. The band, composed of former session and touring drummer Brian Clemens, bassist John Loggins and guitarist Tim Porter, is heavily influenced by shoegaze, post-rock and downtempo trip-hop.

At the beginning, the band started as an informal side-project focused on experimentation with sound and texture. It initially constituted three members without specific instrument assignments or musical goals. Over time roles within the band became more defined with Brian Clemens on drums and electronics and Tim Porter generating a lot of guitar-based sounds. The third member did not want to continue in a formal band setting, so when the band started doing its first shows in mid-2016, SleaphingDreaming was a two piece.

The band’s desire to generate a layered live experience meant heavy reliance on pre-recorded loops and the integration of electronic noise elements. This became somewhat of a distinguishing element for the band and shaped the band’s music. However, it also served as a limitation, and eventually the band opted to bring on a third member to focus specifically on the low-end. John Loggins joined primarily as bassist in mid-2017 and the band changed its name to the slightly simpler SleapingDreaming.

From that point the band took on a more traditional feel, structuring music in the tradition of post-rock and post metal, with heavy influence from shoegaze. Generally, the band’s music is instrumental and slow moving, defined by hypnotic evolutions, layering and density.

For fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Slowdive, Mogwai, Neurosis or Massive Attack...