Sinoptik to release new studio album “The Calling” on June 11th 2021

Sinoptik The Calling cover
Ukrainian Occult Rock Trio Sinoptik are continuing the march towards the release of a full length album, and the next mile marker on their journey is here, with new single “Sell God’s Number”, and a release date of June 11th, 2021, for the new studio album now announced as “The Calling”. 

The video for “Sell God’s Number” was filmed at the Korostyshev Boarding School in Ukraine, where Sinoptik were invited and welcomed to the school with a view for them to inspire the children with their music, and yet, the band were the ones left inspired.

Watch the video for “Sell God’s Number” below.

Sinoptik’s call to action in this upbeat and urgent single is “it’s time to go big, or just go back home”.

Dmitry spoke about how the video and the collaboration between Sinoptik and the boarding school came to be.

“In December 2020 a volunteer from the Korostyshev Boarding School got in contact with me. He asked if we as a band could come and visit the kids and spend some time with them. In total there are 100 children who attend the school and 50 of them live there permanently because they have no parents.

All of the kids have a variety of mental or physical disabilities, and some of them are victims of domestic violence. We wanted to give a window into their everyday life and how they frequently struggle with problems out of their control, so we thought it would be a good idea to raise awareness. We came to this school and had a real party with live music for these kids. We brought some presents for them, had lunch together and played games outside. We had a filming plan, but the kids actually made it even better with their actions and energy. I was confident that all the children will remember this day for the rest of their lives. 

These children are one on one with their battles, incomparable with petty everyday troubles of other people. Each such child is a real superhero, because day by day they fight and they win”.

Sinoptik have stated that the new single “Sell God’s Number” is also a song about freedom of choice. 

“This song is about choices, and quite often we don’t appreciate that we actually have the possibility to choose. We frequently make choices recklessly and after choosing, go towards the goal just to abandon it as soon as obstacles arise. Every time you make a choice or leave your path, remember the people who did not have a choice from the very beginning, but still go all the way”.

The city of Kiev has been seen to produce some notable musical exports of late, with bands like Jinjer and Stoned Jesus leading the charge. Since 2014 Sinoptik were forced to move from their war-torn city of Donetsk to Kiev, and their experiences of being treated like second class citizens despite Ukraine being their native home has now seen them throw their hat in the ring as a band with a story to tell and music to be heard.

Fusing together 1970’s occult rock influences with huge stadium rock production - Ukranian Power Rock Trio Sinoptik manage to pay homage to the classic era of rock bands whilst injecting a contemporary edge that makes their songs truly unforgettable, but also unmistakably Sinoptik. 

Pre-order for Sinoptik’s studio album “The Calling” will be revealed in due course, but the artwork has now been revealed.

The trio, who were coined as “The World’s Best Rock Band” by the Berlin Global Battle of the Bands event in 2016 - has also seen performing at Kiev’s 80k capacity stadium and supporting acts such as Uriah Heep, Jinjer and more.

Dmitriy Afanasiev - Guitar, keys, vox.
Ruslan Babayev - Drums 
Aleksandr Savin - Bass