Shores Of Null to release new studio album “Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying)” on November 27th 2020

Shores Of Null Beyond the Shores cover
Italian Blackened Gothic Doom unit Shores Of Null have revealed the guests that will appear on their new album “Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying)”, to be released in November, 2020, via Spikerot Records.

The band has teamed up with Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow The Sun), Thomas A.G. Jensen (Saturnus) and Elisabetta Marchetti (Inno), for what can be considered their most ambitious work to date.
Watch the brand new and official trailer below.

Deviating from their highly praised predecessors “Quiescence” and “Black Drapes for Tomorrow”, this new gloomy opus enhances the heavier, slower and dramatic parts, instilled in a single-track of nearly 40 minutes.
The band explains:
“If the shore is the limit, going beyond the shores means tearing down the limits. Musically speaking we tried to leave our comfort zone and experiment with just one long song, something that is not new to many Doom Metal bands but surely new to us. From a lyrical point of view the album deals with the different stages of grief and how the terminally ill deal with their own death. Going beyond the shores is finding peace in death”.

Recorded between Kick Recording Studio and Bloom Recording Studios in Rome by Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono (Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalyse). Mixed and mastered by Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono. Cover artwork by Sabrina Caramanico.

“Beyond the Shores (On Death and Dying)” will be coming out on November 27th, 2020, on CD Digipak, LP Gatefold + all major digital platforms and pre-orders are about to start October 2nd, here.
1. Beyond The Shores (On Death and Dying) [38:24]