Saturday’s Heroes to release new mini album “Turn up the Music!” on September 4th 2020

Saturday’s Heroes Turn up the Music EP cover
Saturday’s Heroes will release a new mini-album this fall. It’s called “Turn up the Music!” and will be released on September 4th, 2020.

The album will be available on Digital and 12" vinyl format. “Turn up the Music!” can be pre-ordered now, here.

Your local heroes are back - “Turn up the Music!” is Saturday’s Heroes’ first physical release since their latest full-length “Pineroad” from 2017. The new mini-album contains 7 punk-fueled songs and will be released on Lövely Records on September 4th, on Digital and Vinyl format. 

Shortly after the tours supporting “Pineroad”, Saturday’s Heroes went back to Studio Underjord to record a series of digital singles. Using their experience from being on the road and playing together for several years, combined with new ways of approaching songwriting, the band came up with a wonderful mix of songs and soon realized that the digital singles deserved the needle touch of a vinyl player. 

On “Turn up the Music!” you will find 7 tracks that tell individual stories. From the fast explosion that is “Black Clouds” to the more mid-tempo songs like “Seven Seas”, there is something for everyone on this record.