Rhapsody Of Fire to release new studio album “The Eighth Mountain” on February 22nd 2019

Rhapsody Of Fire The Eighth Mountain cover
Rhapsody Of Fire have released their new music video for single “Rain of Fury”, taken from their upcoming album “The Eighth Mountain”, which will be released on February 22nd, 2019, via AFM Records.

“There is no better way to start 2019 than to share this amazing song with you! "Rain of Fury" is a hymn for everyday’s heroes facing adversity through braveness and faith in their ability to make the world a better place. Those attributes are the enchanted shields and swords that make everything possible. "Rain of Fury" is the second single of our upcoming album "The Eighth Mountain", which will be released on 22nd February 2019!”...

You can check out the video for “Rain of Fury” below.

Pre-order “The Eighth Mountain” here.

01. Abyss of Pain
02. Seven Heroic Deeds
03. Master of Peace
04. Rain of Fury
05. White Wizard
06. Warrior Heart
07. The Courage to Forgive
08. March Against the Tyrant
09. Clash of Times
10. The Legend Goes On
11. The Wind, The Rain and The Moon
12. Tales of a Hero’s Fate

Rhapsody Of Fire hold a special position in the exciting and multi-faceted world of heavy metal: Like few other acts, the band from Italy stands for anthemnic symphonic metal presented with lots of speed, great pathos and technical refinement. Another characteristic that the band’s fans love: At the beginning of their career in particular (at the time still under the shorter moniker of Rhapsody), their songs presented a mythical, album-transcending saga.

Who doesn’t like to recall classics such as “Legendary Tales” (1992), “Symphony of Enchanted Lands” (1998) or “Dawn of Victory” (2000)? Rhapsody Of Fire have now returned to the very strengths of those albums. Their latest studio recording “The Eighth Mountain”, scheduled for release on AFM/Soulfood on February 22nd, 2019, combines spirited songs and epic chorus parts with lavish orchestra arrangements. At the same time, the album marks the beginning of a new, exciting saga that’s typical of this band. For all those who would like to find out more, here are the details!

First of all, there’s been an important personnel change: Vocalist Giacomo Voli has been at the group’s musical helm for the last three years, whom has not only accepted the powerful heritage, he has also brought fresh momentum to the Rhapsody Of Fire fold. Voli’s broader range and vocal power impresses keyboardist Alex Staropoli, Rhapsody Of Fire’s founder and main songwriter. “Giacomo is like a breath of fresh air for the group and his expressive voice has been a great inspiration to my compositions. That’s one of the reasons why our songwriting sounds more positive again. A number of passages on "Dark Wings of Steel" seemed too sad and minor-oriented to me in retrospect. "The Eighth Mountain" on the other hand features much more optimistic major-key atmospheres”.

To dress the new material in appropriately lavish sounds to suit its extravagant songwriting, Rhapsody Of Fire have worked with a major orchestra again. This time the musicians of the acclaimed Bulgarian National Symphony Orchestra in Sofia, renowned for their contribution to more than 600 movie soundtracks, were instrumental in recording the new album’s sublime, atmospherically dense overall sound. Two choirs featuring more than 20 vocalists, as well as a number of soloists playing medieval instruments, also deserve to be mentioned.

The album was mixed and mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann (Orden Ogan), an acknowledged expert of haunting sounds. The lyrical content of “The Eighth Mountain” marks the beginning of a new story, developed by Roby De Micheli and Alex Staropoli under the title of the “Nephlins Empire Saga”, which is based on those fascinating fantasy elements (including the narration courtesy of prestigious British Dracula actor Christopher Lee on the final song “Tales of a Hero’s Fate”) that Rhapsody Of Fire are renowned for, in this instance – roughly speaking – lost, corrupted souls.

“People will find out more details of the saga when they listen to the lyrics”, says Staropoli, not wanting to give away all the album’s secrets. Just this much: “It’s about which path in life you choose. The story may be fictitious but quite obviously relates to reality the way we experience it every day”.

Last but not least, this superb release is enhanced by the fascinating cover artwork courtesy of Alex Charleux, with whom Rhapsody Of Fire have already collaborated on their compilation “Legendary Years” (2017). Staropoli says: “The artwork is really breathtaking and has an incredibly impressive effect, particularly the vinyl version. It would be impossible to illustrate the new saga better than on this cover”.

It would also be impossible to present the new album live much sooner than on the band’s upcoming European tour, scheduled to kick off one day before the album arrives at the physical and digital stores.

European & Japan Tour Dates 2019:
21.02.2019 ES Barcelona
22.02.2019 ES Madrid
23.02.2019 ES Donostia
24.02.2019 FR Nantes
25.02.2019 FR Paris
26.02.2019 NL Enschede
27.02.2019 NL Leiden
01.03.2019 DE Essen
02.03.2019 CH Pratteln
03.03.2019 DE Osnabrück
04.03.2019 BE Kortijk
06.03.2019 DE Munich
07.03.2019 DE Mannheim
08.03.2019 DE Leipzig
09.03.2019 CZ Prague
10.03.2019 AU Vienna
12.03.2019 IT Milano
13.03.2019 IT Bologna
06.06.2019 JP Umeda
07.06.2019 JP Shibuya