Press Club share new video for “Separate Houses”

Press Club video pic
Having just wrapped up their biggest headline tour of the UK and Europe, Press Club are releasing “Separate Houses”, the latest single to come from their second album “Wasted Energy”.

“Separate Houses” was tracked live at Woodstock Studio, Melbourne and mixed by the band themselves in their studio underneath Melbourne’s Westgate bridge. It is accompanied by a video which puts singer Natalie Foster front and centre, alone, recounting a story of isolation and longing, before being reunited with the band as they play out the song's epic closing refrain.

The song has a kaleidoscope lens of introspection and extrospection and is comprised of three acts. In “Act I”, Press Club are in a familiar sonic playground of uptempo backbeats, straight 8 guitars, and the trademark melodic delivery of singer, Natalie Foster. “Act II” hones in on the band’s ability to make the listener unnerved without even being in the same room. With shades of the title track from the band’s debut, “Late Teens”, Foster remarkably finds another gear in her voice and unleashes sheer fury into the microphone. “Act III” is a veritable cracking of the spine, relieving all of the pressure built up over the minutes prior. Both apathetic and euphoric the song draws to a close with another tempo shift and cries “I keep on pretending that I am getting better”.

In keeping with their self-made ethos, the band filmed the music video for “Separate Houses”, while on their second tour of Europe. Directed and produced by the band’s guitarist, Greg Rietwyk, the clip was shot across locations in Scotland, England and continental Europe - Press Club made the most of their idyllic surrounds. 

Watch the video for “Separate Houses” below.

Some people view rock and roll as a gratuitous expression of opulence, anti-establishmentarianism and ego. Others view it as an exposé of the inner workings of an artist’s emotions and the most captivating performances draw back the curtains on the artist’s vulnerability. This is “Separate Houses”. It is the song in which Press Club candidly reveal their vulnerability and their might at its most fierce.

Buy “Wasted Energy” here.

Australian Tour Dates 2019:
Oct 31 - UC Hub, CANBERRA
Nov 1 - The Lansdowne, SYDNEY
Nov 2 - The Cambridge, NEWCASTLE
Nov 7 - The Gasometer, MELBOURNE
Nov 8 - The Gasometer, MELBOURNE
Nov 9 - Hobart Brewing Co., HOBART
Nov 15 - Torquay Hotel, TORQUAY
Nov 16 - The Westernport Hotel, SAN REMO
Nov 21 - Lion Arts, ADELAIDE
Nov 22 - Pelly Bar, FRANKSTON
Nov 29 - Sooki Lounge, BELGRAVE
Nov 30 - The Zoo, BRISBANE
Dec 5 - Dunsborough Tavern, DUNSBOROUGH
Dec 6 - Lucy’s Love Shack, PERTH