Patternist release music video for new single “I Don’t Feel Real”

Patternist I Don’t Feel Real single cover
Pacific Northwest-based Patternist has dropped a new music video for the latest single “I Don’t Feel Real”.

Watch the music video for “I Don’t Feel Real” below. Stream & download the new single here.

Gabe Mouer/Patternist on the new single: “"I Don’t Feel Real" was the first step towards me taking more of a narrative approach to songwriting. Just after the release of "Give It Up" (EP), I had this debilitating crisis of identity as a songwriter that spiraled into feeling like I sort of didn’t have anything to offer anybody, and really like I had no real prospect for the future. You know, stuck in this very myopic view of my life I just walked around feeling entirely empty, which is where the phrase "I Don’t Feel Real", came from. But I knew when I sat down to write that I didn’t want to be like, "I’m sad", for 3 minutes, it just wasn’t interesting to me and I didn’t think it would be interesting to anyone listening to it. So I wrote this story about someone who winds up in the hospital after a particularly self-destructive emotional breakdown, who’s forced to acknowledge what a burden that can be to the people around them. Strangely enough, it felt more personal to mix the fictitious with real-life experiences”. 

On the video for “I Don’t Feel Real”: “The shoot for this track was simultaneously the most fun yet terrifying experience I’ve had working on a video by far. When we decided we wanted to do a video for "I Don’t Feel Real", I immediately knew I didn’t want the concept to be either too literal or too serious, but even after I got the initial pitch from Aaron and Anneliese I had no idea what I was getting myself into and how outrageous it was going to get. I wouldn’t consider myself the most extroverted person, and, although it might sound counterintuitive as a musician, drawing attention to myself makes me incredibly anxious. But during this shoot I ended up dancing, air drumming, and fist pumping like a complete nerd in all of these public spaces alongside the most horrifying sex doll, the concept was just too funny not to go all in”.

Fronted by Gabe Mouer, Patternist is a blend of rhythmic synths, heart-thumping percussion, lush arrangements with Gabe’s wistful lyrics.

The band’s debut album “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Here” hits stores on September 6th, 2019, via InVogue Records. You can pre-order the new album here.

1. Get a Grip
2. Bikes
3. I’ve Got It
4. Here’s One for the Kid in the Back
5. I Don’t Feel Real
6. Keep Your Love
7. How Am I Not Myself?
8. Feature’s Dead, Angela
9. Summer Reading List
10. No One Waits for You
11. It’s a Secret Track