Ocean Hills to release debut album “Santa Monica” on September 25th 2020

Ocean Hills Santa Monica cover
Ocean Hills, featuring Zoli Téglás, have set to release their debut album “Santa Monica” on September 25th, 2020, via AFM Records.

He has been the voice of melodic hardcore band Ignite, but Zoli Téglás is a lot more than just that: Having also been fronting Pennywise and the Misfits temporarily, Téglás in addition has a nice resume of acting in Hollywood movies and is known as an activist for animal rights and environmental protection for many years.

Now Zoli shows another interesting facet of his personality with the launch of his brand new band, Ocean Hills. “These songs come from the heart”, the vocalist states who has just recently left Ignite after 25 years.

“What you hear on our debut "Santa Monica" is exactly what I wanted to do with Ocean Hills. To focus entirely on my new band, I decided to stop my career with Ignite, because it just feels right at this point. There’s so much positive energy here and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us”.

Ocean Hills is a daring new endeavour for Zoli Téglás – a brand new start, but with the experience of countless tours and recording sessions behind him. “Ocean Hills’ music feels like a vacation: it re-energizes, makes you reflect and feel good – but it’s not superficial or insignificant. There’s a subliminal, yearning element to the songs on "Santa Monica" and it’s obvious that someone poured his heart and soul out to create this outstanding record”.

Pre-order “Santa Monica” here.

01. A Separate Peace
02. Death or Liberty
03. Like a Lady
04. Santa Monica
05. Budapest My Love
06. Hold Me
07. Angels Wings
08. Vampire
09. Christina
10. Dead Dog
11. There is a Light That Never Goes Out

Zoli Téglás - Vocals
Peter Lukacs - lead guitar
Daniel Szebenyi - keyboards and bass
Reinder Oldenburger - rhythm guitar