Mork to release new studio album “Det Svarte Juv” on April 19th 2019

Mork Det Svarte Juv cover
Following on from their 2017 debut for Peaceville Records, “Eremittens Dal”, Mork returns with a continuation of dark, spell-binding, yet ever-evolving black metal in the shape of “Det Svarte Juv”.

Due for release on April 19th, 2019, the new opus, is cold, atmospheric, raw and haunting and marks a new highpoint for the band, taking the listener through a journey with ten unhallowed soundscapes. Mork’s Thomas Eriksen expands more on album’s origin: “The album has been part of a strange and dark period of my life. The darkest period of my life, infact. Since early 2017 there has been a tornado of tragedy and misery consuming my existence. Roughly throughout the whole process of making this album. "Det Svarte Juv" is filled with sadness, hate, anger, pain and even strength and self-belief. There are no guests appearing on this album, it’s extracted purely from my own being and soul without any inflictions from outside expectations. It is in my opinion; Mork at its finest”.

He continues: “The music of "Det Svarte Juv" is as previous Mork releases, varied. There’s classic blast-beat riffs, black’n’roll, doom and melancholic melodies. It’s pure and true in that it is made without any outside opinions or in regard to any expectations”.

Check out the lyric video for first track “På Tvers Av Tidene” below.

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1. Mørkeleggelse
2. Da Himmelen Falt
3. På Tvers Av Tidene
4. Den Utstøtte
5. I Flammens Favn
6. Skarpretterens Øks
7. Den Kalde Blodsvei
8. Siste Reis
9. Karantene
10. Det Svarte Juv

The artwork for “Det Svarte Juv” comes courtesy of French artist, David Thiérrée (Behemoth). The album artwork encapsulates the mood of the album; Eriksen explains: “I communicated my vision and feelings to David and he absolutely nailed it! The huge overwhelming deep black abyss and the weakling that’s being dragged towards the edge. The final step before the leap into endless darkness”.

“Det Svarte Juv” was once again mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door (Darkthrone).

Mork was created by Thomas Eriksen in 2004, primarily, as a side-project from until the release of the self-released debut album, “Isebakke”, in 2013, followed by “Den Vandrende Skygge” (HSP Productions 2016) before signing with Peaceville Records to release “Eremittens Dal” in 2017; and have rightly earned their accolade as one of the top Norwegian black metal acts of recent years, receiving strong endorsements from their peers.