MaYaN release new music video for “Saints Don’t Die”

MaYaN video pic
Symphonic death metal collective MaYaN release their new album “Dhyana” today.

The band recorded their spectacular new full-length release alongside the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the album reflects on conceptual themes of self-awareness, relinquishing our ego and self-conceited tendencies to find out who we truly are.

In celebration of the new album, MaYaN have released an official music video for their hymn, “Saints Don’t Die”.

Singer Mark Jansen explains the background of the track: “"Saints Don’t Die" deals with wars being fought on the backs of young men and women, who are sent to battle and then suffer the consequences their entire life time, while the "Saints" stay in their ivory towers, just pulling the strings”.

Watch the video below.

“Dhyana” is available to order here.

The band will also celebrate their new offering with a “Dhyana” Release Party on September 22nd at De Helling, Utrecht, NL. Support comes from Elyose and Carthagods.

Mark Jansen, George Oosthoek - Grunts
Henning Basse, Adam Denlinger - Clean male vocals
Laura Macrì, Marcela Bovio - Clean female vocals
Jack Driessen - Synths, orchestral arrangements
Frank Schiphorst, Merel Bechtold/Arjan Rijnen/Jord Otto - Guitars
Roel Käller - Bass
Ariën van Weesenbeek - Drums