Majesty Of Revival releases new music video for “Sinners & Saints”

Majesty Of Revival video pic
Ukrainian progressive metal combo Majesty Of Revival are proud to unleash their video for the track “Sinners & Saints”, taken from “Timeless” out now, via Wormholedeath. Watch the video below.

Comments the band:
“The video was made by our friend Janne Kerminen, frontman of Finnish Thrash Metal legends Am I Blood! We are long-time fans of Janne Kerminen, but some years ago we discovered that he was also doing photography and video stuff, which we enjoyed too. So, during our conversations, we told him that we have a ballad called "Sinners & Saints" from our latest album and I thought that his video footages fit really well to the song. He kindly agreed to do a video from his footages, so here you can see the result of our collaboration! Video footages were taken from Janne Kerminen travels around the USA”.

“Timeless” was released on May 31st, 2019, via Wormholedeath /Wormholedeath USA / The Orchard. Get the album here.

States the band:
“First of all, "Timeless" is a consequence of the hard times of our lives mixed with our sick imagination. It wasn’t supposed to be an album, but a revelation. We recorded stuff just to release all the chaos that had been devouring us from the inside. But in a result, we have made a protagonist, who represents some emotions and thoughts of the whole band. So, we decided to make a conception based on the things that took place only in our heads, and which would never leave the boundaries of consciousness. An immediate corollary of that is the name of our album - "Timeless". Because you can never tell the exact time measurement of your imagination, dreams and thoughts - unlike music. Every song has its timing and you can’t do anything about it. But we did our best to represent other aspects of what’s going on in people’s minds. We hope that every listener will find something familiar in our music. So, you have the chance to figure this stuff out by yourself in your unique way”.

The album was recorded at Beast Sound and produced by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy and Myroslav Danko. The cover art was done by Tommy Fanta, as usual.

Majesty Of Revival is a progressive metal band founded in 2009. After several demos in 2012, the band released their debut album “Through Reality”, which received high marks in the European media, hit first places in several zines such as Legacy, Hard-City, etc. After a few concerts, the band began recording their second album “Iron Gods”, and according to the results of airtime the album enters the annual top of some European web media and receives wide acclaim of critics.

Following the release, the band plays a series of live shows, issues a bonus EP consisting of previously unreleased material and goes back to the studio to give birth to the third album. During the record-session, MOR participates in the “Tribute to Sonata Arctica”, which was mastered at Studio57 by Sonata Arctica bass player Pasi Kauppinen. Third album “Dualism” released in June 2016 via More Hate Productions/Massive Sound Recordings. During the Ukrainian tour for support the “Dualism” the band participates in the “Tribute to Therion” album led by Christofer Johnsson.