Leah releases lyric video for “Lion Arises”

Leah Lion Arises single cover
Symphonic/Celtic vocalist Leah - described affectionately by her fans as “the metal Enya” - released her new full-length album, “The Quest”, on October, 5th!

The album features a stronger Celtic and Fantasy connection in comparison to her previous release, “Kings & Queens”, as well as prog rock elements and ethereal ambiance, combined with traditional symphonic metal elements.

The album is available to order here.
In celebration of the album's release, Leah has revealed another new lyric video, this time for the track “Lion Arises”.

Watch the lyric video below.
Leah says about the track: “"Lion Arises" was a really fun song to write. As soon as I wrote and sang that chorus I knew immediately this song would work because it felt so good! Lyrically, my fans generally know I tend to write rather vaguely and in terms of moods, themes, and images. So, you won't find a crazy detailed story, but rather, words of images that came to me through the intuitive writing process. I prefer to allow the listener to decide what it's all about while constructing the mood and vibes for their story. The chorus contains the main picture of a character asleep, whilst being surrounded by evil, but is at complete peace because of the lion guarding her. The artwork by Jan Yrulnd captured this mental image of mine perfectly”.

The concept for “The Quest” is very simple: we're all on a journey, and sometimes we lose our way. There are adventures, wildernesses, treasures, monsters, looters, people out to send us down the wrong path. Through it all, we must grow in wisdom and experience, find our compass once again and find our way back to the true path in order to reach our full potential: our destiny.

01. The Quest
02. Edge of Your Sword
03. Lion Arises
04. Heir
05. Ruins of Illusion
06. Labyrinth
07. Abyss
08. Oblivion (Between Two Worlds)
09. Ghost Upon a Throne
10. The Water is Wide

Laeh is recognized in the music world for her work with established heavy metal musicians such as Eric Peterson of Testament and Dragonlord, Timo Somers of Delain, Troy Donockly of Nightwish and many others.To date, Leah has released three albums, “Of Earth & Angels” [2012], “Otherworld” [2013], and “Kings & Queens” [2015], as well as several viral videos. Her latest video features an ethereal cover of “The Dragonborn Comes”, the main theme from the massive video game Skyrim. The video has racked up 5.3 million views on Facebook and nearly 600,000 views on YouTube to date.
“The Quest” features an impressive international cast of guest musicians - including Troy Donockley of Nightwish on pipes and flutes, Barend Courbois of Blind Guardian on bass guitar, Timo Somers of Delain on rhythm and lead guitars, Sander Zoer formerly of Delain on drums and percussion and Chen Balbus of Orphaned Land on Middle Eastern Saz and Oud.

The album features mixing and mastering from Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Amaranthe), as well as orchestration, arrangement and production from Oliver Philipps (Everon, Phantasma, Delain).
“I am totally delighted to work with the guest musicians on this album. Each and every individual is an expert at what they do, and I only wanted the best for these songs, as we were developing toward a very specific sound, which was a rock/metal album with a Celtic and fantasy twist”, says Leah. “This album was truly an international effort!”...

Most recently, Leah raised over $87,000 in 30 days via Indiegogo and her shop to launch “The Quest”, again released via her own independent record label, Ex Cathedra Records, along with Inner Wound Recordings.

Already, “The Quest” is receiving 5-star reviews and critical acclaim. Her fans have never been more loyal and excited for fantasy-inspired symphonic metal!