Jahbulong to release new studio album “Eclectic Poison Tones” on October 30th 2020

Jahbulong Eclectic Poison Tones cover
An album like a flow of acidic mantras, rich with dark atmospheres and full of distortions: “Eclectic Poison Tones”, the upcoming brand new full length record by Stoner Doom unit Jahbulong, will see the light of day on October 30th, 2020, via Go Down Records.

Being influenced from 70s psychedelia to Seattle’s 90s grunge, “Eclectic Poison Tones” is the result of the band’s ongoing development and hunger to explore new noise digressions.

Just recently premiered with Invisible Oranges, a first promising peek of what to expect from the upcoming album can now be heard in form of the track “Under The Influence of THE FOOL”, streaming below.

Says the band about the song: “"Under The Influence of THE FOOL" is the opening track of our upcoming album "Eclectic Poison Tones". The beginning riff recalls the Black Sabbath sound, then the spatial resonance expansions culminate into a distorted and thundering ending. It all started from the skeleton of this song, which was composed before the idea of the whole album was born and that’s why it represents a kind of bridge between now and our recent release, a split record with Mongoose in 2018. Beside the stoner-doom sound that we have always played, we are about explore new noise digressions and more elaborated musical incursions”.

“Eclectic Poison Tones” will be coming out on October 30th on Go Down Records and is now available for pre-order here.

1. Under the Influence of THE FOOL
2. THE TOWER of the Broken Bones
3. The Eclipse of THE EMPRESS
4. THE EREMITE Tired Out (Sweed Dreams)
Martino Tomelini | Bass
Nicolò Bonato | Drums
Pierpaolo “Paul Vinegar” Modena | Guitar, vocals