Infinity Shred debuts new song “Earth”

Infinity Shred Earth single cover
Infinity Shred, who release their new album, “Forever, A Fast Life” on August 23rd, via 3DOT Recordings, debuted a new song this morning, streaming the song “Earth” - check it out below.

“I originally wrote this song 11 years ago for my high school band, Starscream”, explains programmer Damon Hadjowirogo. “Starscream consisted of only 8bit electronics and live drums - the original song was written on a Nintendo Game Boy. "Earth" never made it on to any Starscream releases but all these years later it finally found a home on the new Infinity Shred album like it was always meant to be there”.

The band previously gave fans a preview of the forthcoming album with the video for “Long May You Run”. The trio has also released a standalone remix of the track (here), with Glasgow-based DJ Tanuki offering a drum and bass infused version.

Album pre-orders, which include an instant download of “Long May You Run” and “Earth” are available now via the 3DOT webstore here.

1. Brutal Luxury
2. Fractured, Focused
3. Harsh Language
4. Long May You Run
5. Cranemaker
6. What’s Worth Hiding?
7. And Then Again Gathered
8. Forever, A Fast Life
9. Earth
10. What’s Different Now?

Infinity Shred formed in 2012, releasing their debut full-length, “Sanctuary”, the following year with a sophomore release, “Long Distance”, arriving in the fall of 2016. Drummer Clara Warnaar joined Damon and guitar player Nathan Ritholz just prior to the release of “Long Distance”, making “Forever, A Fast Life” the first release to include input from the full trio. Clara incorporated her classical background, assembling a small orchestra to accompany the three-piece, performing on the album opener “Brutal Luxury”, interlude “Harsh Language” and “What’s Worth Hiding?”