Helfir to release new studio album “The Journey” on November 6th 2020

Helfir The Journey cover
From years the decadence has a great interpreter: its name is Helfir. The new creation, “The Journey” will see the light on November 6th, 2020 on CD and digital format.

The cover artwork was done by Antonio Leo.

Pre-order “The Journey” here.

Chapter I: Lying on a Blue Lawn
1. The Game
2. In My Dream
3. The Past
4. Clouds
Chapter II: Table of Diners
5. In The Pale Land
6. The Gathering
7. No Escape
Chapter III: Tree of the Abyss
8. Traces Of You
9. Tied To The Ground
10. Uncensored
11. Silent Path

“The Journey”, is the third album of the band and once again Luca Mazzotta shows us the hidden side of his soul, touching points of elegance and gloomy atmospheres never achieved before.

His personal sound is now a contamination of Doom, Dark Rock and Gothic that will stand at the deep heart of each listener who lives of the decadent sounds of bands such as Tiamat, Antimatter, Katatonia and Anathema.

This is art for a decadent age and Helfir’s new album “The Journey” simply will lead you in these amazing territories.