Getaway Van to release debut self titled full-length album on February 23rd 2019

Getaway Van cover
New to the Vancouver rock scene, Getaway Van has been maneuvering through venues to bring their slightly out of control punky blues stoner fuzz rock to entertained audiences for the past year. Collectively, the band shares a broad taste in music and using that to their advantage it's translated into a record full of different styles and influences that they are gearing up to release on February 23rd, 2019, which features their latest single “Lord I’ve Been Running”.

Listen to the new single below.

Coming from a personal place, the lyrics to the single were written by Zach Fox and it’s hard hitting with a real classic rock feel.

“This song has a little bit of everything. Some Zeppelin, ZZ Top, RHCP, all wrapped up in a Getaway Van bow.  This heavy, classic rock tune is about life taking everything out of you until you feel like you have nothing left to give. The narrator is pleading with God/the universe/anyone who will listen, to just give him a break”.

Fans of Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters don’t have long to wait for this release.

Getaway Van’s self-titled album will be available February 23rd on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

1. Intro (4:42)
2. Branches (4:56)
3. Comin’ Back (3:54)
4. Follow Me (5:11)
5. Ugh (3:57)
6. Blacktop Mistress (4:35)
7. You Make Everything (4:06)
8. Lord I’ve Been Running (4:26)
9. So Long (6:12)
10. Outro (1:26)

In 2018, Getaway Van recorded two EPs, “Brokedown” and “Burnouts” and in February 2019 they are geared to release their debut self titled full length featuring the single “Lord I’ve Been Running”. It’s foot-to-the-floor rock n’ roll that shakes rooms like a straight piped V8. Bringing roots of stoner rock, blues, punk, and folk, a Getaway Van performance is your very own experience of controlled chaos.

Live Show 2019:
March 2 - Vancouver, BC - The Bourbon
March 2 - Vancouver, BC - The Bourbon

Charlie Cole - Guitar, vocals
Derek Lionas - Guitar, vocals
Devon Sutherland - Drums
Zachary Fox - Bass, vocals