Follow The Cipher release lyric video for new single “The Pioneer”

Follow The Cipher The Pioneer single cover
Swedish newcomers Follow The Cipher are currently working on their sophomore record, the follow-up to their self-titled debut album (2018), as well as arming for their upcoming festival shows at Rockharz Open Air, Germany (July 6) and Masters of Rock, Czech Republic (July 13).

But before the band hits the stage again, the quintet are surprising their fans by unveiling a brand new single today. Watch the lyric video for “The Pioneer” below.

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Guitarist Ken Kängström states: “"The Pioneer" is the story of a soldier waking up in a dark desert, bound to a journey seeking the bright light of the sun. The only way for him to redeem his sins is to find the rising star. This is a metaphor for learning from your own mistakes and faults in life, and learning to be a better person - a story that I think every single person can relate to. And for now, we are happy to say that we are writing the next album, and we are more excited than ever before. If you liked our first album, you will love this”.

Festivals 2019:
06.07. D Ballenstedt - Rockharz Open Air
13.07. CZ Vizovice - Masters of Rock

Order their debut album “Follow The Cipher” now, here.

Follow The Cipher's story started in May 2014, when Ken Kängström decided to start a band with the intention to be different from everything else in the music scene. The idea itself had been haunting his mind for years, but the catalyst to finally put his thoughts into action was the result of a longtime collaboration with the internationally acclaimed metal giants Sabaton, with whom Follow The Cipher maintain a close friendship. Ken Kängström is definitely not a newcomer in the Scandinavian music scene, since he wrote and produced some well-known Sabaton songs, such as the monumental anthem “Carolus Rex”. It was this track which got the ball rolling: “I think the song sparked the first inspiration in me – in particular, it was responsible for me starting to trust my own abilities and judgment”, Ken reflects. “When I wrote this track, I felt deep inside that it was time to put my plans with Follow The Cipher into action”. Therefore, the band has also included a version of this important track, “Carolus Rex”, on their debut album.

Something unique was born, growing to become a mixture between Nightwish, In Flames and Sabaton, yet creating something completely different and innovative. “I consider our music as both visual and cinematic”, says Ken. “The sound is large-scaled and multi-layered - each element plays an important role within the overall concept. You can listen to our music in two different ways; either by focusing on the individual, versatile elements like the keyboard melodies or Linda's powerful voice, or you can indulge in the whole package. Both type of listeners will get what they look for in our very own Cipher Metal!”...

The Cipher crew consists of five talented members; Linda Toni Grahn, a fantastic and highly talented singer, with long pinkish red hair and emerald eyes, equipped not only with a powerful and characteristic voice, but also outstanding charisma. When taking to the stage, all it takes are a few seconds for Linda to capture everyone‘s attention. “Linda is unique - she stands out from the crowd, not only as a great singer, but also as a charismatic personality! Immediately after meeting her, I knew she would be the right person for us!”, Ken Kängström (guitar) recalls the first meeting with their female captain of the Cipher workforce. Other crew members include Karl Löfgren (drums), Viktor Carlsson (guitar) and Jonas Asplind (bass).