Evanescence to release “The Ultimate Collection” 6-LP Set on December 9th 2016

Evanescence The Ultimate Collection 6-LP Set cover
Universal via Concord are pleased to announce Evanescence’s first ever career spanning vinyl box set encompassing their studio albums, “Fallen”, “The Open Door” and “Evanescence” and for the first time ever, the commercial debut for the previously unreleased demo album “Origin”.

The bonus LP, “Lost Whispers”, collects all the official b-sides and features the studio version of the sought after tour intro “Lost Whispers” and the first new Evanescence studio recording in years, “Even in Death” (2016) - release date for single TBC.

Evanescence is a two-time Grammy-winning band fronted by one of the most dynamic women in rock, singer/pianist Amy Lee. Evanescence’s debut album “Fallen” would ultimately go on to sell 17 million albums worldwide. Two consecutive #1 album debuts followed, “The Open Door” and the self-titled “Evanescence”, as well as the multi-platinum live album “Anywhere But Home”, recorded in Paris during one of their sold-out worldwide tours.


Origin (1 LP):
A1. Origin
A2. Whisper
A3. Imaginary
A4. My Immortal
A5. Where Will You Go
A6. Field Of Innocence
B1. Even In Death
B2. Anywhere
B3. Lies
B4. Away From Me
B5. Eternal
Fallen (1 LP):
A1. Going Under
A2. Bring Me To Life
A3. Everybody's Fool
A4. My Immortal
A5. Haunted
A6. Tourniquet
B1.  Imaginary
B2. Taking Over Me
B3.  Hello
B4.  My Last Breath
B5.  Whisper
The Open Door (2 LP):
A1. Sweet Sacrifice
A2. Call Me When You're Sober
A3. Weight Of The World
A4. Lithium
B1. Cloud Nine
B2. Snow White Queen
B3. Lacrymosa
C1. Like You
C2. Lose Control
C3. The Only One
D1. Your Star
D2. All That I'm Living For
D3. Good Enough
Evanescence (1 LP):
A1. What You Want
A2. Made Of Stone
A3. The Change
A4. My Heart Is Broken
A5. The Other Side
A6. Erase This
B1. Lost In Paradise
B2. Sick
B3. The End Of The Dream
B4. Oceans
B5. Never Go Back
B6. Swimming Home
Lost Whispers (1 LP):
A1. Lost Whispers
A2. Even In Death (2016)
A3. Missing
A4. Farther Away
A5. Breathe No More
A6. If You Don't Mind
B1. Together Again
B2. The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
B3. A New Way To Bleed
B4. Say You Will
B5. Disappear
B6. Secret Door

Box Set Details:
• Slipcase with die-cut of the classic Evanescence 'e' logo Features glow in the dark art elements
• Casebound book - 52 page collectable art portfolio Includes never before seen handwritten lyrics and art
• All albums are on black 180-gram heavyweight vinyl
• “Fallen” (1 LP Set) - Previously only available as a limited edition
• “The Open Door” (2 LP Set) & “Evanescence” (1 LP Set) - Have never been officially released on vinyl
• “Origin” (1 LP Set) - First ever commercial debut and is a vinyl box set exclusive
• “Lost Whispers” (1 LP Set) - Career-spanning collection of b-sides - Two new vinyl exclusives, “Even in Death (2016)” and “Lost Whispers”
• Exclusive! - Amy will autograph a collectable bookplate for the first 400 pre-orders.

Pre-order the 6 LP Set here.