Directo to release debut album “...Al Infierno” on April 5th 2019

Directo ...Al Infierno cover
Worshipping the legacy of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin or Kyuss, over the last few years the five-piece band Directo, formed in 2010 in Città di Castello, Italy, collected dozen of unpublished songs, written in extensive jam sessions while never fearing any genre boundaries.

Directo deliver a fiery mix of all that is heavy and groovy: from the low desert rock sounds, to doom, heavy rock and metal tunes. After the band just recently unveiled first details about their upcoming debut album, “...Al Infierno”, coming on April 5th, 2019, via Argonauta Records.

Today the band is sharing a brand new video with us for the blistering track “Immortal King”. Watch the new video below.

“"...Al Infierno" marks the growth point of the band with a whole album of unpublished songs and the change of the band’s name: from Directo Al Infierno to Directo. The album showcases the musical background of each band member from different but not so far away worlds: Metal, Desert Rock, Doom and Hard Rock”, says the band.

“This first album is not a concept album, but the main themes often come out more than once within the record. It goes from the transposition into music of entrance to Dante’s Inferno until you reach the city of Dite where the heretics in fiery graves await the day of judgement. It goes from the metaphysical journey between the time and dimensions of Electric Phoenix to the fall and then rebirth of the Immortal King who is in each of us. There is a talk of desolation and revenge, of sins and virtue on a journey that does not forget to take lightly ("Bitches..."), or to ause for a moment to reflect on the evil we are doing to our Mother Earth”.
The album was recorded at Take Five Studio with a blistering mix and master by Michele Fiorucci.

Set for a release on April 5th, 2019, via Argonauta Records, the album can be pre-ordered here.

1. Enter The Darkness Gate
2. Electric Phoenix
3. Immortal King
4. Planet’s Dying. Pt.1 (Empty Oceans)
5. Planet’s Dying. Pt.2 (Burning Metal)
6. Bitches, Whorses and Other Furningshings
7. Satan is a Friend Of Mine
8. Memories of a Dead Star