Calligram to release new EP “Demimonde” on November 4th 2016

Calligram Demimonde EP cover 2016
London-based black metal quintet Calligram will release their new EP “Demimonde”, on November 4th, 2016, via Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

Calligram blend the punk energy with blistering black metal music to concoct a consistent and powerful sound that lays waste to most others.

The band's still arguably forward-thinking, what with adopting a bleak, vaguely futuristic sheen, and having clean execution for their hard-hitting music. Tempered to perfection, the band tries to balance the fusion of the two genres with rare poise.

Calligram are a class act and their latest release is definitely something to sink your teeth into, especially if you like what the black metal genre stands for and moreover its seamless exploration into the punk realm.

1. Red Rope
2. Bed of Nails
3. Drowned
4. Black Velvet
5. Bataclan

Line up:
Bruno Polotto - Guitar
Tim Desbos - Guitar
Smittens - Bass Guitar
Ardo Cotones - Drums
Matteo Rizzardo - Vocals