Billy Club Sandwich to release “Japan Suspects Tour” DVD on May 12th 2015

Billy Club Sandwich Japan Suspects Tour cover
Veteran Bronx NYHC foursome, Billy Club Sandwich, has announced a DVD collection, “Japan Suspects Tour”, to be released on May 12th, 2015 via Dead City Records. Featuring over 70-minutes of Billy Club Sandwich mayhem - professionally recorded live footage of classic songs, rare, behind-the-scenes lost tour footage, music videos, bonus footage and more - “Japan Suspects Tour” is a snapshot one of hardcore's most diverse bands in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Billy Club Sandwich drummer, Glen Lorieo, commented: “It was always a dream of ours to play Japan, and when we finally did we were lucky enough to have it documented. The footage that is captured truly shows BCS at its finest. This is some truly amazing video of BCS on tour, and along with the bonus footage, this DVD is a great historical release for our band”.
“This tour was an amazing experience and proved to us once again that hardcore really is a worldwide family”, BCS bassist, Gary Muttley, recalled. “We have nothing but love and appreciation for our Japanese family who helped us throughout the tour and everyone who came out to spend the time with us. I'm glad we were able to document this once-in-a-lifetime event and share it with everyone around the globe”.

DVD Footage:
Billy Club Sandwich live in Japan
Japanese touring and traveling footage
Bonus DVD Footage:
"Bottom of the Barrel" official video
"Bottom of the Barrel" outtakes reel
"Suckerpunch" video and interview from the out-of-print 2004 Guerrilla Warfare DVD
"Narco Cabron '97" official video
"Martin Gonzo Mega Mixx" video
Japan Suspects Tour DVD Trailer
Japan Tour Photo Gallery with over 200 pictures
Brewed in the heart of the Bronx, Billy Club Sandwich's sound is a metallic batch of crunching riffs, intense drumming and a vocal growl that bleeds New York City hardcore. Powerfully combining off-kilter melodic grooves with bi-lingual lyrics, the foursome has been creating some of the most uniquely aggressive music in New York hardcore for almost 20 years.
Building on the strength of its live shows and first two EP's (1997's “Hold the Bologna” and 2001's “Superheroes at Leisure”), Billy Club Sandwich cemented itself as a leader amongst the NYHC scene. A wrecking crew both live and in the studio, 2004 saw the band release its first full-length album on Inner Strength Records titled “Chin Music”. This was followed up by 2008's, “The Usual Suspects”, released on Dead City Records.
Stay tuned for more information on Billy Club Sandwich and “Japan Suspects Tour” DVD, out next month on Dead City Records.

Martin Gonzalez -Vocals
Tony Malone - Guitar
Gary Muttley - Bass
Glen Lorieo - Drums