Aura Noir - new album and tourdates

The ugliest band in the world is back! Feat members from Immortal, Mayhem, Virus and Ava Inferi, Aura Noir serves up their latest masterpiece "Out to Die". More intense and aggressive than ever, with an increasingly stark and raw vibe to it all.
The bar is once again raised. Another milestone of putrid Black Thrash Metal is born. And its born on March 23rd in Europe and March 27th in North America.
1. Trenches
2. Fed To The Flames
3. Abbadon
4. The Grin From The Gallows
5. Withheld
6. Priest's Hellish Fiend
7. Deathwish
8. Out To Die
This summer you will find Aura Noir on stage at WACKEN OPEN AIR (02.08.12 - 04.08.12). This will be the first time the band playes at Wacken. But a little sooner, if you are in Norway, you can see Aura Noir on tour with Nekromantheon and Skeletonwitch on the Fire Walk With Me vol. 2 tour in February!
Aura Noir + Nekromantheon + Support
03.02.12 - Union Scene, Drammen.
04.02.12 - Blæst, Trondheim.
Aura Noir + Skeletonwitch + Nekromantheon
08.02.12 - John Dee, Oslo.
09.02.12 - Hulen, Bergen.
10.02.12 - Tribute, Sandnes.
11.02.12 - Byscenen, Haugesund.