Alkymist announces Fall & Winter 2020 Danish Tour

Alkymist Danish Tour 2020 poster
Copenhagen based progressive doom metal combo Alkymist released their sophomore album “Sanctuary” on May 1st amidst pandemic chaos and lockdown nationally and abroad.

The band’s release shows were cancelled, but nonetheless “Sanctuary” has received massive attention. The record achieved a #3 in the Official Danish vinyl charts in the week of release.

Hopefully, the band will be able to resume their live activity with the planned fall/winter shows to which the band can now add four DK shows, while also planning shows abroad for 2021.

Danish Tour Dates 2020:
05.09.20-Aarhus, Spot Metal, Train (DK)
12.09.20-Slagelse, Bath Institution (DK)
02.10.20-Roskilde, Gimle (DK)
07.11.20-Aalborg Metal Festival (DK)
04.12.20-Aarhus, Headquarters (DK)
05.12.20-Odense, Bhaal Party IX (DK)
17.12.20-Copenhagen, Alice (DK)

Tickets here.

Until then, the band plans to release different pieces of visual material, starting with a 7-minute studio video from the recordings of “Sanctuary”. The clip was filmed and edited by Martin Goltermann and provides a unique insight into the band’s musical process while recording the new album at Ballade Studios, Copenhagen. Watch the video below.

Just one and a half year after their much acclaimed self titled debut album, Danish progressive doomers Alkymist set out once more on a trip that takes you far beyond this world and into their strange and crushingly heavy realm of brutal, yet beautiful and grandiose soundscapes.

On the band’s sophomore album, “Sanctuary”, Alkymist offers the listener an immersive, spiritual and transcendent journey. The record revolves around metaphysical questioning, soul searching, mental and cerebral escape and ultimately the quest to achieve redemption of spirit and flesh.

“Sanctuary” was released May 1st, 2020, on vinyl, tape and digital formats, and its six tracks and two sound collages of 43 minutes total duration lives fully up to the band’s eclectic vision. As on the first record, the new collection of songs is recorded and mixed by producer Lasse Ballade (Orm, Slægt, Solbrud a.o.) and the artwork created by Anders Kidmose.