Adarrak to release debut album “Ex Oriente Lux” on May 27th 2021

Adarrak Ex Oriente Lux cover
Singapore-based Death Metal newcomers Adarrak will release debut album “Ex Oriente Lux” on May 27th, 2021, via Satanath Records (physical) and Blood Blast Distribution (digital).

The album's first single, “Bereft”, will be released on April 1st. A teaser video for “Bereft” is available below.

On “Ex Oriente Lux”, Adarrak showcases a mixture of established (Headcrusher, Norse, The Amenta, Dispiteous, Sol de Sangre, Somnium Nox) and emerging musicians that are both local and global. The album boasts guest appearances by Marty Friedman of Megadeth fame, as well as other local musicians (Üllermach, Boxchild).

The album was mixed and mastered by the one and only Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios. Says Swanö about the forthcoming album: “Adarrak is truly progressive since they are not afraid to implement all kinds of metal into the mix, anything from epic leads to insane blast parts”.

Teaser videos for the songs “Mettle” and “Withering” are available here and here, respectively.

For fans of the extreme yet progressive with a touch of the Gothenburg sound.

1. Final Ethos Demise
2. Into the Abyss*
3. Mettle
4. Bereft**
5. Withering
6. Through the Fabric of Time
7) Beneath the Vault of the World
8. Fire Will Cleanse (Instrumental)***

*Guest solo on “Into the Abyss” by Nicholas Chang
**Guest solo on “Bereft” by Marty Friedman
***Guest solo on “Fire Will Cleanse” by Edmund “Ed Quekstein” Quek

All music written by Adarrak. All lyrics by Zigor Munoz and Gustavo Valderrama. Produced by Adarrak. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound studios.

Emmanuel George Bi - Lead/Rhythm guitars and solos, except where noted
Gustavo Valderrama - Vocals
Zigor Munoz - Bass
Robin Stone - Drums (Guest musician)