Dead Posey

This is the first time actually immersing ourselves in Dead Posey’s music on its own, and before this show and interview, not realizing that we have heard their music more than once. This duo is everywhere!
Dead Posey pic
It was great to get a chance to talk to you guys at this stop on the tour. Thank you so much!
Dead Posey: Thank you also.
You have released an EP and a single till now. As I read you’re planning to release a new EP in the next few months. Is that right and can you give us some more info?
Tony: Yes, this is entirely true. It’s basically all up to us to get the mixes done, and the little bit of production done. Then we can work with the label to work out the best release strategy.
Danyell: We’re hoping and shooting for February 2020.
Do you have a release timeline for a debut full-length at some point?
Danyell: Well that what we’ll be working on right after the release of the EP. So yes, it’s coming up soon. We have plenty more tricks up our sleeves to make an actual album. We’re definitely looking forward to it. Hopefully by the end of 2020, we will have a full length album of some sort. That is the goal.
Tony: Yeah, we did one EP, then we had these other songs, and we agreed to just put another EP out. Then it will be the LP.
What label are you with currently?
Tony: We’re on Sumerian Records, for roughly a year now. They’re still fairly new to us, and they also have Through Fire, and that’s part of the reason for this tour. We are working on a lot with Sumerian, so we’re gearing up for a big 2020 for us.
So, how was this tour with Through Fire setup then?
Tony: Through Sumerian, and our agent at UTA who kinda helps out with that. We were going to tour with them in May, but that had to get on another tour at that time. So, finally we got to do it, both bands really wanted to do this. It’s a really great way to end the year!
Does the duo thing work for you? Do you plan to add any permanent members to the line-up in the future?
Danyell: Yeah, so what happened is, Tony and I have always been the band, the core part of the group. Dead Posey wrote everything. Tony plays everything on the albums. We write all of the songs together. We are a one stop shop, he produces, mixes and masters. So, as far as the members that were in pictures with us, that was when we were marketing as a band, but just in the last six months I’d say, we wanted to market it as what it is. We are a duo. So, that kinda was like what The Kills have done, or the Black Keys. And then live, we add our hired guys just to fill in.
You have gritty, bluesy roots, but pop and rock undertones. What are your influences?
Danyell: Maybe the melody side has a little pop to it.
Tony: Obviously, we’re huge rock fans and love just rock music in general. All the decades actually.
Danyell: Yeah like, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, stuff like that. Even The Doors.
Tony: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath. But for us, we really love a great melody. So, sometimes those things fall into our music. If our melodies have pop, great!
We noticed that you’re on the Shirocked 2020. How did you get on that show?
Tony: That was through our agent, as always. We were thrilled that they want us on it. We never played on a ship before, so this will be great. Very excited!
Danyell: We’ll be out to sea like little pirates, (laughs). I mean, I’m like a vampire, so I’ll definitely be hiding. We won’t leave the cabin until night.
Your music has been featured on Marvel, Netflix, and MTV shows, as well as computer games and other shows before you even started to make a real name for yourself. What was the thought process behind this, and how did this occur?
Danyell: Our publishing company. They’ll pitch your song to all the music supervisors that you can think of. Position Music is incredible. They have been huge Dead Posey advocates, as well as being a great publishing company.
Tony: That’s what actually got the band going. We put a couple of songs out, and then we connected with them. They seemed really into it, very early on, and just a few years ago. They really got it out there, and that’s what got the ball moving. Especially to start playing live. And then we got connected with Sumerian and things like that.
Danyell: I think that’s how fans find you at times, is through placements like that. We see our music on different platforms like Spotify have a surge in streams when our music is placed on something like Netflix. It’s interesting to say the least.
Looking into the future, what is in store for Dead Posey?
Danyell: On the horizon, of course a full length album. And touring our butts off.
Tony: We have a tour booked in May, but we can’t announce it yet. We’re doing the Download Fest in June, so that’s exciting.