Cats In Space

Cats In Space, feature members from a variety of UK bands such as Moritz, Statetrooper, The Ian Gillan Band, T’Pau, Arena, CC10 and The Sweet among others and caused quite a sensation with their debut “Too Many Gods”, not so long ago. Following select live performances and without missing a beat, they return with more of the same big harmonies, big vocals and big melodies, showing it can still be cool to be old school. Greg Hart guitarist and quite the cool cat, was dully contacted again, to share what's been going on at the cathouse...
Cats In Space band pic

Hello Greg and congrats on a sophomore album, Scarecrow”, that managed if not to top your debut at least come shoulder to shoulder with it…
G: Hi there! Yes, we are all very pleased so far. The reviews have been amazing and we feel “Scarecrow” is a big leap forward.
What’s new in the world of the “cats”?
G: New? Nothing really, we are from the 1970s!
With a title like “Scarecrow” and “Alice in Wonderland” references in your single, is this your twisted little “adult oriented” take on those childhood favorites, sprinkled with post-adolescent stories – while remaining playful? What put you on that tangent?
G: “Scarecrow” has a deep thread running... if you look hard enough. We like to twist modern day situations and relate them to lots of different things. I like picturesque imagery and cartoons especially intrigue me.
I saw that you did some touring around the UK – not entirely sure, if you went other places too; what was the reception to your debut like? Do you still have your eyes set into breaking over in the more lucrative European market?
G: We would love to come to Europe as soon as possible. We know we can smash it there… so we have our Spaceship aiming at it, I can tell you!
A tough enough question; are you happy with how your debut sold? I mean it was received rather favorably, I can imagine and I remember you (Greg) that this would be at least a 3 album band, as a bare minimum…
G: “Too Many Gods” has done well and continues to sell. We think it always will sell as people are still finding out about us. It’ll be the gift that keeps on giving! As will “Scarecrow”, which has surpassed the first album already in sales. We have a lot more music to bring. A lot more!!
If you were asked to compare the two albums between them – how do you think they differ, if you think they do?
G: “Scarecrow” is more cohesive as we had jelled as a band by touring and we had a bigger budget and incredible studio. “Too Many Gods” was really a studio project initially that turned into a great band.
I remember again you (Greg) saying the whole idea about naming the band “Cats” came from his late feline friend “TC” and you seem to have kept that mysterious alien kitten television looking robot – mascot of sorts… intact on the second cover, does it have a name? Will it be a bit like Eddie and keep on popping up on covers in the future?
G: Yes, you got it in one! Our cat helmet is absolutely our mascot. It’s a pod within our ‘mothership’ that is yet to be revealed. People love it and the whole concept is so strong. We are unfolding a story... so keep watching!
What are the touring plans for “Scarecrow”??
G: We are on tour with Status Quo right now and have just finished a huge arena tour with Deep Purple and Europe. In 2018 we shall continue to spread the word and promote the album as much as possible.
If you could tour in support of this as a guest to a much larger classic band, which one would it be?
G: We are already doing it! Asides from ELO maybe…
How do you perceive the future of the “rock” scene? Why don’t we see any crazy characters like Lemmy and Slash and you know any of those larger than life rock n roll heroes? The last few iconic rock musicians seemed to come out in the 90s in rock and what they did – seemed to divide people; with so many greats gone in the past few years from the rock and pop pantheon… will we be left with cheap imitations or will older bands graduate to legendary status? Has the time come for the cats to really purrrr!?
G: Rock needs bands like us. Bringing back entertainment and personality is the key. Too many bands want to be cool… and that they ain’t!
Well, it’s time for our “weird questions”! If you had the chance to travel in time… where would you choose to go? To the past or the future and why?
G: Back to 1976 simple!
What are the things that you do not like in the music industry nowadays?
G: Playlisters at radio stations who think they are God and all they do is fuck up the chance for decent new bands to get on the air. And ticket touts. They suck. Oh and Simon Cowell and that lot of hideous oafs who only know how to make telly… NOT music.
Top 3 Comedy movies of any era?
G: Blazing Saddles, Arthur, Holiday on the Buses.
Which are the top 3 Classic Rock albums of all time according to you?
G: Sweet – “Sweet Fanny Adams”, Queen – “II” & Thin Lizzy – “Jailbreak”. All are untouchable albums in my eyes, and made me want to be a writer and guitarist.
Which is your favorite fairy-tale character (ie Alice, Oz etc)? And which would be a fair cinematic depiction of them?
G: Edmund Blackadder. The funniest cat of them all!
If you could tour or visit any exotic, far-flung location in the World, where would that be?
G: Australia, so I could visit my old buddy who emigrated there.
If you had the opportunity to invite any famous person, living or dead, over for supper whom would you choose and why?
G: Freddie Mercury… to confirm some of the stories I’ve been told.
Please salute the readers and conclude this as you wish… thx for the music! Take care dude!
G: Thanks to all you proper classic rock fans for Keeping the flag flying especially those amazing Cat fans out there who have supported us with such wonderful dedication and enthusiasm. Remember “everybody wants to be a cat”!...