A Killer’s Confession

A Killer’s Confession recently signed with Chicago/Miami-based record label, WakeUp! Music Group and on October 18th, 2019, they released their second full-length album entitled “The Indifference of Good Men”. We had a chance to talk to Waylon Reavis, frontman and creator of A Killer’s Confession.
A Killer’s Confession band pic
I’m glad to catch up with you at the “Holiday Havok” show with Through Fire. Thank you so much for talking to us.
W: No problem man!
Looking at this project, what was the overall idea when you started writing or is that just what came out during the process at this time in your life?
W: With “Indifference of Good Men”, it was an album of sobriety, and self-reflection. Actually the title “Indifference of Good Men”, illustrated about people that I had around me, supposed friends, allowed me to keep making bad decisions and almost killing myself. They never stepped in and said, “Waylon, you’re messing up”. So, the songs reflect on that, falling down the wormhole, with no one there to stop it.  And that’s how songs like “The Shore” reflect on that. And how “Numb” shows how far I pushed my soul, sobriety and my mental health to such limits that I had no emotion left. Then with “Cocaine”, I straight up talked about the addiction, and how that one line could kill me. I’m very open and honest about my life on this album. This is the first 100% fully sober album I wrote, and it comes through. It made me happy, and shows what I can really do.
AKC has evolved so much since its inception. What made that change?
W: I feel that I’m inspired by so many things. The future is unknown, and that’s what evolves the music. I just come up with ideas and concepts out of nowhere. And that’s what’s cool about it all. I already started the next album. This was what I wanted to do. “Unbroken” was angry, and I had to get it off of my chest. AKC is the true evolution of myself as an artist.
The Indifference of Good Men” came out in October. I see that “Numb” hit the charts hard. How’s the overall response to the album?
W: 2 mediocre reviews, but whatever. “Numb” hit the charts running. I just want to play in front of and meet as many of the fans as possible. I do have a new single coming out in March.
I see that initially you were signed with EMP when “Unbroken” was in process. A later on after “Numb” was released, there was a changing of the label to Wake UP!. Can you tell us what happened, and why the switch?
W: It was just a one record deal. EMP helped me with that album, much appreciated, and they did a great job. It was that EMP’s version of AKC and my thoughts of AKC weren’t the same, so we went a different route. I love David to death, EMP was great. Now we’re with Wake UP! label, along with Ms. Pepper Gomez, are team AKC all the way. I don’t see us leaving Wake UP! at all.
Looking back on the past year, was that the first time doing something live with Jeff since leaving Mushroomhead? Are you planning on working with Jeff in the future?
W: Honestly, if that happens, okay, but I feel that we are on our own paths. Jeff is finding his own way, just like I found mine. I love him to death. Exiting Mushroomhead, you have to go through this metamorphosis, and we all did. If it happens, so be it. In this industry, you have to focus on you.
One of my favorite movies, “Boondock Saints” shows on a music video and on your stage LED’s. Can you please explain the story behind the relation?
W: “Indifference of Good Men” is in the very beginning of the movie. The scene with the priest when Connor and Murphy were about to exit the church while the service was going, and the priest said, “We must always fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear the most, and that is the indifference of good men”.
You also worked with another ex-Mushroomhead member, Thomas Church, on his solo work Church. Do you have plans on writing with him again?
W: Church has worked with AKC a ton. “Numb” was written with Church. “Shore” was written with Church. He was writing with AKC since day one. The new song, that’s out in March, was written with Church.
You had Brian “Head” Welch from Korn featured on the self-titled song “A Killer’s Confession”. How close are you with Brian, and how did that come about?
W: Brian is just a great friend. An amazing artist. I met him when I was sixteen, then again when we opened up for Korn in Australia when I was in Mushroomhead. We became good friends. Then we also played in Mayhem Fest. We always kept in touch. When I left Mushroomhead, Brian was there for me. He has seen me go through a lot. When I came back to music, that was Brian’s gift to me, to play on that song.
What are your major influences when writing lyrics?
W: Ups and downs. True feeling and emotion. Bubblegum songs, you know, like I just want to have fun and let loose are out there, but that’s just not me. I feel like a lot of fans feel lost. And I feel like I was put here to let them know that they’re not alone. I want to give them something to think about, and know they can get through whatever they are going through.
Thanks once again for taking the time out to chat, can’t wait to hear the new music and see you guys on tour again.
W: Thank you! You’ll definitely hear more from us!