Month: July 2019

Submitted by rockavlon on Jul 27, 2019
Give us a profile of the Sweden Rock Festival…  Sofia: Sweden Rock Festival has a 28 year long history of offering a great collection of live rock and metal concerts in the small village of Norje in Southern Sweden. Over the years, we have become known for visitor comfort and excellent service, the… Read More
Submitted by kat on Jul 14, 2019
Hi guys. You are on an intense 6-week tour supporting your first full length album release, “Conjure the Storm”. The reaction you have been receiving so far has been extremely positive, how are you taking it all in and is it going as well as you had hoped?  Scott: Yeah absolutely! When we put a… Read More
Submitted by rockavlon on Jul 13, 2019
Hi Elyes, congratulations on “Shehili”. It managed to equal or your past effort. How’s things in Myrath currently?  E: Things are awesome! We are now in the middle of our Summer Festivals run, having already played one hell of a show, actually two shows in the same day, In Sweden Rock Festival… Read More
Submitted by kat on Jul 12, 2019
You are halfway through a 6 week tour supporting Carach Angren, how is this going, how have the fan reactions been so far?  L: The tour is so far so good! We have a very easy-going company altogether, we all get along very well, and the fans have been great to. All the other bands on this tour are… Read More
Submitted by kat on Jul 10, 2019
How is tour going so far, and what is it like living in the tour bus for such a long time?  Robert: It’s like most tours, you adjust to living with each other and then after that you’re pretty much golden. Well, I say golden but you’re still on a tour bus, your back hurts and everyone’s using the… Read More
Submitted by rockavlon on Jul 7, 2019
What has been the reception to “Firesign” and are you happy with how it has turned out so far?  N: Yes very much so. I think that’s a reception of the album has been fantastic! I haven’t even seen a negative review and seems like our fans really like the album and the direction of the album in… Read More