Month: February 2019

Submitted by thanos on Feb 24, 2019
Hi Matt, I’m glad to have you on Grande Rock once again. Your new album “Delirium” is magnificent indeed.  M: Hello, thank you for having me! I am very happy to hear that you like the new record!    Well, it’s been almost 3 years since your debut. What happened on the band’s camp in the meantime… Read More
Submitted by thanos on Feb 24, 2019
Hi Kostas and welcome to Grande Rock. You debut album “Nadir” is truly remarkable. You did a great job on every part, kudos!  K: Thank you very much for the good words on our debut album and for hosting us in your ezine!    Hence, do tell us when and how the band was formed.  K: The band was… Read More
Submitted by ellen on Feb 23, 2019
So, you’ve dabbled in music across the metal genre, do you identify more with the power and heavy metal side? Or the thrash and black metal elements? Or the elements from melodic metal?  G: Just heavy metal, straightforward heavy metal. There’s lots of different tags, but I come from the classic… Read More
Submitted by selena on Feb 17, 2019
Hi, guys… it’s been almost 6 years since your previous album. What happened during these four years? Had you been working on the new tracks or what?  D: Yeah like when you put out an album, you usually do shows supporting that album for however long you can do that. So basically, about 2013, maybe… Read More