Queensrÿche and Fates Warning live in Florida 2019

When you get to a concert venue and the line to get in is wrapped all the way around the building so far that its past the bands tour bus, you know this has to be a must see show. Who is that has brought this many people out to The Plaza Live in Orlando Florida? On March 2nd everyone showed up to see two of the big three bands of the progressive metal movement, Fates Warning and Queensryche. This would be the first time that these bands have shared a stage on the same night, and this was an event fans would not want to miss.
Queensrÿche and Fates Warning FL show 2019 poster
First to take the stage would be Fates Warning. With a back drop and both kick drum heads painted to look like the album cover of their latest release “Theories of Flight”, it was no surprise that the first number they performed was “From the Rooftops”. This is not a band known for their flashy stage show; instead what they do best is play, and play they did. Right from the beginning you could tell that they deserve to be considered one of the big three of their genre. Guitarists Mike Abdow and Jim Matheos were clearly on top of their game. Their intricate guitar work was astonishing. Next, they went back in their catalog to play “Life in Still Water”. Vocalist Ray Alder sounded as strong and as assured as ever. For fans of this band, they played songs from across their entire catalog. They didn’t stick to any one album. To the delight of all the fans in attendance. The final song of their eight song set was “Light and Shade” also from their most current release “Theories of Flight”. Just hearing their songs played to perfection was a treat for all the fans in attendance.
But they also got to see and hear another titan of progressive metal Queensryche. With a band this popular with major hit singles and albums you knew they would draw in fans, and by the time the house lights dimmed for their turn to perform the place was filled with their fans. While the venue was too small for pyro or other fancy effects, Queensryche was able to have video displays on either side of the stage on the drum riser, and even had the kick drum heads light up. Throughout the night images would run across the displays to give everything a cool visual pop. The first song of their set was “Blood of the Levant” from their 2019 album “The Verdict”. This really started the show off with a bang. Vocalist Todd La Torre sounded great! With his hair flying around and prowling the stage he was every bit the frontman a great band needs. They played songs from albums such as “Condition Human”, “The Warning”, and “Promised Land”. Of course, the band sounded great. With years of experience and many shows under their belt it’s obvious why they are such great musicians. When they played their first big hit “Queen of the Reich” the crowd went nuts. Everyone was singing along and loved every minute of it. They saved some of the band’s biggest hits for the very end of the show. The last song before they took a breather was “Eyes of a Stranger”. It was the encore that blew everyone away though. In succession they played “Silent Lucidity”, “Jet City Woman”, and to end the show arguably their biggest hit “Empire”. This was an ending that thrilled everyone. The atmosphere was pure electric throughout the song.
For fans of progressive metal, this would be a night to remember. To see two bands of their stature together on one stage is something they only could have dreamed of up until tonight. Even if you weren’t familiar with this genre, the level of talent, musicianship, songwriting, and performance on this bill is enough to satisfy rock music lovers everywhere. Either way, you could see the smiles on everyone’s face as they filed out of the Plaza Live and headed home to brag to their friends about the great show they caught.