Obscura and Allegaeon live in London 2019

Obscura, the German technical death metal band, are touring with the talented Allegaeon and First Fragment and Fallujah. After the release of their latest album “Diluvium” last year. Obscura were made popular for their technically and compositionally complex music, and lyrics based on famous German philosophers. Taking their name from the album “Obscura” by Gorguts.

Before the show I had the pleasure of interviewing Riley, vocalist of Allegaeon. To get the secrets on “Apoptosis” their new album, set for release in April this year. In advance to the interview, they sent over the album, and I have to admit, I slightly fell in love with it. So keep your eyes peeled for my interview and album review, to be released soon!
Obscura and Allegaeon UK tour 2019 poster
As the red lights flooded the stage and out into the room, we just see the drummer. After a few moments, the rest of the band hit the stage. To the deafening screaming and cheering of their fans, from their first step out on to the stage. Obscura went right up to the front of the stage, and launch straight into a heavy metal frenzy.
“Please to be back in London”! Then there’s a hiss and smoke suddenly billows out and floods the stage and crowd, combined with the flashing lights, creates a trippy atmosphere. They start the next song facing the back, in silence. Their fans wait in tortuous anticipation as they play the first few notes; the crowd erupts in to cheers and howls. The lights flash in time with the clapping.
They leave the stage and everything goes silent. Then acoustic guitar music plays, and more smoke flows through the room. Through the smoke they re-enter the stage. Then with a scream, and a smash on the drums, they jump into action. The crowd chance “hey, hey, HEY!” and punch the sky in beat with the music. Then the song end on such an almost light tone.
“Hello London! Next one is a bonus track”! The crowd clap as the bassist takes center stage. The low, growling backdrop fitted his raw and deep solo perfectly. They combined a mixture of some of their oldest and newest songs throughout the show.
“We have got a new album out, ‘Diluvium’, let’s call it a death metal ballard”! They transform the stage in to some kind of gothic church of heavy metal, as chanting ripples out across the room. But when the band hits the stage, they launch right back into the death metal. He raises his fist to the sky and their fans raise theirs in response.
“For the last four albums we’ve been able to lay in London, it’s a pleasure to be back”! The smoke completely masks them from view, and then as it clears, you can just the bassist and guitarist step up onto the raised stage at the front. Setting the mood for another raw and deep song. Changing up from their usual pace, the next song starts slow and gentle, with just the guitar and bass ringing out. But of course it soon dissolves into a heavy metal storm. First the drums crash in, pounding slowly speeding up the pace. Then they show off their skills with electric fast riffs.
They finished on one from their latest album “An Epilogue to Infinity”, the drums and bass slam in hard. They switch effortlessly between light and heavy. As the mosh pits form once more, the deep, death metal vocals are surprisingly clear. Then with a raw, roar the lights and smoke join the frenzy. As the music dials down, they raise their guitars and bass above their heads, and strike power poses.
Their fans couldn’t let them go that quickly, and shout out for an encore. “Sorry I can’t hear you! Do you want one more song?”! A completely mad but brilliant mayhem of heavy metal. As the storm calms, the deep but slow death metal vocals claim central focus. But of course not for long, they hit right back into metal mayhem quickly. Then with a final burst of smoke, they’re gone.
Obscura combine proper deep, heavy shredding, smashing drums and raw death metal Vocals. But they can effortlessly switch, before you know it, into light and almost mystical ballard style elements. Steffen possess far greater coordination than I, and far better multi-taskers! Somehow managing to play guitar, sing and headbang. Can’t wait to see what these come up with next!
Allegaeon combine two of my favourite genres of metal; melodic and death metal. They kicked off with a full death metal song, the deep and heavy beat pounded out. Matched by their head banging in unison. He takes a step forward as the death metal vocals get an upgrade and the lights start to flash.
“We came all the way from America, and it’'s only our second time here. And have we got a metal show to kick off your weekend with! We’re going to play one of our old ones for you now”!
They flipped it on its head, and next they treated us to a new song. They started with more techno influences, developing into a full death metal storm, with impressively deep, death vocals. The lights turn to red as they leap into a new heavy, death metal masterpiece.
“I want a circle right here!”… and we all know, metalheads don’t need to be told twice to start moshing! And the crowd instantly dissolves into the pits. For their last song, they really gave it their all. The fast and heavy drums pound madly. The bassists hands move faster than your eyes can follow. As they finish, the horns start going up across the audience.
First Fragment are an technical death metal band that combines complex lyrical themes around abstract and expressionist poetry, metaphors and an on-going conceptual saga. My best summary of them, is emo that’s been given a kick up the arse!
“Let’s hear it for Obscura! You might recognise this one, it goes out to all you out there, because you’ve been amazing!”… the next song has a heavy start, with smashing drums. It soon dissolved into a sea of death metal screams. They all head bang in time and their fans mirror them. He opens up the final pit. And as the song draws to an end, with a final ear shattering scream. Everything faded into a low light and music fades away too. “Seriously you guys are f***ing amazing! Thank you so much. Come talk to us out front!”…