Mark Morton live in London 2020

Lead singer of the American Metal band Lamb Of God, Mark Morton, terminated his current UK Acoustic Tour, which included five dates in London, on January 12th.
Mark Morton UK Tour 2020 poster
Mark is definitely a busy fellow. When not preoccupied laying down killer riffs for Lamb Of God, he’s recently developed his own eponymous solo project. His debut album “Anesthetic” came out in March 2019, featuring his signature heave-as-hell guitar. During the writing process, he was aided by number of special vocalists, including Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach), Mark Lanegan, Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) and Chester Bennington, who recorded the track “Cross Off” mere months before his passing in July 2017.
All of this culminated in a new love for his songs in this raw, stripped-back style that was born. He’s define himself as musician, songwriter, guitar player and lyricist and he has always been inspired by a wide swath of musical genres and his has been writing some of the material for the album for years.
Morton and his band take the stage at about 9.00pm, and while their set was also only an hour in length, it is nothing short of a master class in musicianship. They performed a large majority of the material from “Anesthetic”, few covers and new single “All I Had to Lose” from the upcoming EP “Ether”, which will be released on Jan 17th.
The backing band includes Sons Of Texas vocalist, Mark Morales, who obviously sings track “Blur”, performing at a level that is beyond tight, and Joe Harvatt (Hark) on acoustic guitar and backing vocals. Morton’s solo throughout the latter of “Axis”, is a definitive highlight among the show. Something else also impressive is the vocal and tonal range Morales sported as he shifted from throat wrenching screams to melodic hard rock vocals. But Mark Morton definitely steals the show with a killer performance, which is substantially different from his roots with Lamb Of God, something that makes his performance and solo work much more exciting.
All in all, Morton’s entry into solo album territory made for a solid exploration of Heavy Metal precision from one of the industry’s most able and accomplished axe men. It was a great time, and anybody who caught a show on this tour was in for a treat!
The support comes from Ben Jordan and Dave McPherson.
Ben Jordan is the first one to go on stage and to warm the audience. He also jammed along with Mark Morales and Joe Harvatt (Hark).
Dave McPherson is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from London. He is best known as the frontman of the British Rock band InMe. With syllables firing off his tongue at a rate which is simply impossible to keep up with, he topped off a show which is unpolished, unpredictable and at times unhinged, but overall, the show of a flat-out entertainer. There’s no other word for him.