Lost Society live in London 2019

Friday evening, directly opposite Tufnell Park station, saw a cheerful presence of metalheads gathering from all over the place. Doors opened early for this event and punters had an hour and a half for arrival before the opening band came on. Enough time to grab a drink, buy some merch and get hyped for the insanity which was about to hit London.
Lost Society London show 2019 poster
20 past 8 was when the Southampton/London based Grove Street Families, started soundcheck. In a matter of seconds, a large crowd appeared seemingly out of nowhere, which confirmed that the Grand Theft Auto inspired band have grown a name for themselves, and their performance proved they are not slowing down any time soon.
Drummer Josh Williams started the countdown to the first song “Make with It”, followed by Ben Sullivan’s old school inspired vocals. “Right to Remain” was the second song, then “Shift and Beat It Up”. Grove Street Families have a very unique hardcore sound with a lurking hint of 90’s hip hop, which they seem to blend effortlessly throughout their music. The guys have a very distinguished energy radiating from them, they clearly love doing what they do, and it can be seen through the considerable crowds of people reacting to the music and screaming the lyrics along. Having large instruments on their shoulders doesn’t seem to bother the guitarists and bassist either, as they are constantly moving and making jump splits like there’s no tomorrow. Music followed with “Rest in Power”, “Waved” and “Stoned 2 Death”. Vocalist Ben also had a short story to tell the audience about the first time they listened to Lost Society, “We heard their music and thought holy shit that’s amazing”. The fiery set was wrapped up with “Big Smoke”, “GSF ‘Til I Die” and “Cleaning up the Hood”, and the audience was more than ready to embrace the next chapter of the already mental evening.
During changeover, the audience vanished outside for a needed breather and the atmosphere calmed down slightly. Old bangers from my teens were playing in the background as Lost Society had their equipment prepared for the very special night. London was the first stop on their first ever UK and Ireland headline tour, and according to their social media, the band are ecstatic to finally headline here.
Clocks hit 21:30 and, like with the first band, in a blink of an eye, the room filled up with metalheads, who were overly excited to witness the thrash invasion straight from Jyväskylä, Finland. “Thrash All Over You” from the album “Fast Loud Death” was the well-chosen punchy first song of their set, which got the crowd pumped up and going, with the fast riffs and fierce vocals.
“Overdosed Brain” was next on the list followed by “N.W.L.”. The crowd were going berserk, forming circle pits at every opportunity, which were truly impossible to resist. The synchronised headbanging from every member of the group, throughout the whole set, bounced the energy onto almost every single person in the crowd, all of whom probably woke up with a sore neck the next morning.
During one of the song breaks, Samy Elbanna (vocals and guitar) took over Ossi Paananen’s drum kit and showed off even more of his crazy skills, multitasking drums and guitar while hyping up the crowd. “Hollow Eyes” and “Rage Me Up” were up before a near legendary guitar solo battle between Samy and Arttu Lesonen (guitar). Both are exceptionally talented musicians who make their endlessly practiced techniques look effortless.
They bought the house down with their insane riffs and shreds, and I don’t know about anyone else, but they definitely made me want to pick my guitar up more often. The gig carried on with” Diary of a Thrashman”, “Terror Hungry” and Kill”, followed by “I Am the Antidote”, which seemed to be one of the most recognised songs, getting an incredible response of people singing along and lighting flames on their lighters to show their support. Ossi’s drum solo was up next and he absolutely smashed it. He got the audience involved and everyone clapped along to his beats. One of the band’s newer tracks “No Absolution” was also played, followed by their cover of “Guerrilla Radio” (RATM), and the well-known “Riot”, which was the perfect end song.
London has set the bar very high for the rest of the tour according to the lovely Samy, who then took the time to meet and speak to every fan, along with his band members. Lost Society have easily exceeded all of my expectations with their spot-on performance, extremely skilful playing and thorough lively energy from the start until the end, and I would highly recommend seeing them live to anybody who has even a slight interest in thrash/metal music.