InMe live in London 2019

InMe are an alternative rock and metal band from Brentwood, Essex. Taking influences from across the rock music spectrum, from post-grunge to progressive, melodic and technical rock. They are touring to celebrate their new album “Jumpstart Hope”, which will be released soon. I caught their show at the Garage in London, which also featured LeBrock and Oxygen Thief. It was great to meet and chat to the bands, during the interview and trip to the pub after.
InMe London show 2019 poster
We were treated to a quick 20 minute taster set by Oxygen Thief. The contrast between the bright flashes of the strobe lighting and the dark room, complimented their heavy yet bouncy music style. Oxygen Thief are a folk punk and rock band, interchanging between acoustic and electric. Barry Dolan was originally an acoustic but loud solo act. Later forming the current three piece band with Neil on bass and Ben on drums, in 2013. Their latest album, “Confusion Species”, released last year, is very thought provoking as it discusses the current state of affairs in the world… such as Brexit and Trump issues I think we can all relate to.
To keep the audience on their toes, they mixed up the music genre with the second band. Le Brock is a retro, electro-pop, AOR, synthwave and dreamwave band, giving their audience a cinematic performance. It was kicked off by the lights suddenly flashing into the dark room. Then the music chimes in. This duo cleverly managed to fill the large stage with their dramatic light show, in time with the synth beats.
“We have lots of new songs for you!”, Michael shouts out to the crowd. They played their new single “Bright Lights” released earlier this year. The song starts light then slowly builds up. The lyrics were very emotional, heartfelt and thought provoking. They also played “Please Don’t Cry” from their latest EP “Real Thing” released last year, combined a slow heavy beat with raw screaming vocals.
They got the crowd pumped and clapping along as the synth beats builds in the background and the guitar and keyboard strike in. The mix of cool blue lights flashing and the deep purple backdrop matched the changing tone and increasing heaviness of the music. With the occasion flashes of hot reds and pinks, contrasting the previous blue hues.
For the last song the light columns suddenly flash bright red, filling the room with an eerie red glow in between darkness. It starts heavy, turning into a melancholic ballad halfway, as he screams out the music slows. His passionate vocals call out into the crowd. Rebuilding back up again, reflecting the turmoil and hardship projected in the lyrics. Showing through compassion we can rise again.
The audience was waiting in anticipation during the InMe sound checks. They start shouting “oi, oi, oi”! A fan on the front row bows down to them over the barrier. Then the lights dim and a heavy beat rings out as the band enter the stage. Last to hit the stage was Dave McPherson, the vocalist and front man. A fan shouts out: “We love you Dave”!
They played a variety of songs across their discography. They kick off with their latest single “Blood Orange Lake”. Then switch it up with “Overdose” from their first album “Overgrown Eden” back in 2003.
For their third song they went with one of their old classics, the catchy “Single of the Weak”. Getting their fans to sing along and fill in the chorus. Dave, ever the performer and entertained, steps across the photo-pit from the stage to the barrier to be closer to his fans.
It was fantastic to hear “Next Song” live, after having to run through my head over the previous week. Another catchy anthem, which was released as a single earlier this year, and will be included on the new album, “Jumpstart Hope” coming out soon. Then in a contrasting change of pace, from bouncy prog-rock to a melodic power ballard in “Escape To Mysteriopa”.
They had a few technical difficulties, but managed to sort them out and laugh it off. “I love it when it’s going well but the tech thinks differently!”, he laughs. “The next song is called ‘sound check’,” he jokes… “guess I’ll just do some dad dancing”!
They own the stage, constantly moving about and changing places. Often turning to face each other to play together, you can see the bond between them. John O’keeffe, the newest member, takes centre stage for a guitar solo. Shredding out some lightning fast riffs, proving he’s earned his place in the band.
They even treated us to a sneak peak of a couple of new songs from their new album that have not been released yet! Such as “Rogue Waves”. Dave jumps down again and brings the mic into the crowd with him, so his fans could sing along and get up close.
“We have so many songs, we wish we could play them all, but that would be unfeasible as you all have work to go to! So we have three last songs for you today!”…
Their penultimate song was “Firefly” another old classic from their first album, It starts off slowly, building up. Then crashes into a heavier second half, with strobe lighting to match the increased pace. Lastly, they finish on their hit song “Faster the Chase”, which is their most popular track on Spotify. The crowd joins in, belting out the chorus, reaching out to the stage and even crowd surfing.
InMe and their supporting acts put on a great show. LeBrock and Oxygen Thief brought with them a change of pace and genre, creating a more interesting and well-rounded show. InMe performed as a cohesive act, with newcomer John fitting in seamlessly. They mixed in new songs with old, giving us a sense of their entire discography. A key highlight was hearing a couple of new songs that haven’t been released yet!