Ensiferum live in Tampa, FL, 2019

On January 29th Finnish folk metal group Ensiferum came to Ybor city to show a packed crowd at The Orpheum what they can do. Hailing from Helsinki Finland, Ensiferum was formed back in 1995 by Markus Toivonen the guitarist. The rest of the band consists of singer Petri Lindroos, bassist Sami Hinkka, and drummer Janne Parvianen.
 Ensiferum Florida Show 2019 poster
As Ensiferum took to the stage, to the cheers of the crowd, they were decked out in their trademark face paint and bassist Sami Hinkka was even wearing a kilt! They kicked off their set with “For Those about to Fight” off of their 2017 release “Two Paths”. Wow! Right from the start they sounded great.
For those that aren’t familiar with them, they have a truly unique sound. Part melodic, part medieval folk, yet very heavy, these guys are force to be reckoned with. As the night continued, they continued on with “Two Paths” and “Heathen Horde”. Throughout the show bassist Sami Hinkka was animated and always pumping up the already excited crowd. It was obvious that guitarist Markus Toivonen was having a great time as during the show as he would break out in a huge grin. Obvious crowd favorites were “Twilight Tavern” and “LAI LAI HEI”. During those songs circle pits formed and people started moshing. At one point during the show guitarist Markus Toivonen was playing his guitar behind his head while Sami Hinkka was feeding him a beer! The final three songs of the night were “Guardians of Fate”, “In My Sword I Trust”, and “Iron”.
While there was a bit of disappointment as the band Septic Flesh was supposed to be playing tonight, but for some unknown reason they were unable to attend. That disappointment quickly faded and was soon forgotten as Ensiferum put on a brilliant show. Tonight, truly showcased their talents not only as musicians, but as songwriters and performers. Keep an eye out for them to your area and get yourself a ticket, you will have a great time!