Gig Reviews

Submitted by rockavlon on Dec 1, 2019
The long queue of people waiting outside going around the corner could only mean too things, ie that actually lots of people had turned up and that the doors had not opened at the appointed time and it was probably a bit of both. Gloryhammer, who were the support band, had been late to arrive, as… Read More
Submitted by rockavlon on Nov 24, 2019
The rainy and miserable weather on the first night made me jokingly think the band should have opened with “It’s Gonna Rain”, but with torrents already pouring down, it might have been a bit of a self-fulfilled prophecy anyway… I ended up driving to the venue early – just to be on the safe side –… Read More
Submitted by al on Nov 16, 2019
The Illinois based Dead Original was founded by Paul Wandtke, and consists of Rob Lerner on Drums, and Sean McCole on bass. They recently released their album “Bought and Paid”.   Opening up with “Circles”, it was clear that they are driven by nineties influences. Songs like “Move”, “Fade to Light… Read More
Submitted by mark on Nov 10, 2019
With fans of King Diamond flooding the entrances to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, a venue usually reserved for more staid events, you just had the feeling that this was going to be a special night. Everyone that passed through the doors had an almost awestruck look on their faces… Read More
Submitted by al on Nov 9, 2019
Kirra came out raw, driven, and ready. Even though it was a small crowd at first, they were still loving these Oklahoma boys. A raw, gritty sound fills the venue with “Pull You Out”, and “Blind”. “Decider” was cool to hear live, after watching their video. Over their set, the guys from Kirra… Read More
Submitted by kat on Nov 3, 2019
Silver Dust are an annual visitor in the UK, this time coming back for the third year in a row, both previous years supporting our favourite Finnish monsters Lordi on their European tours. Although they are still touring in support of their last album “House 21”, which was released in April 2018,… Read More
Submitted by kat on Nov 1, 2019
The first on stage were melodic doom death metal 5-piece, Fragmentum. Bizarrely, this was their only performance on Annihilator’s tour, and they came all the way from Belgium to play tonight. Although this was their first ever time in the UK, many metalheads came down early to catch these guys, who… Read More
Submitted by kat on Oct 20, 2019
The good thing about the o2 Academy is that if you are with the o2 network, you are able to skip the ridiculously long queues and be one of the first people inside the venue. In this case, anybody with this advantage should be thankful because of the absolute lack of space, trying to even see the… Read More
Submitted by al on Oct 19, 2019
Female fronted locals No Light Above took the small makeshift stage first. Kelly and crew came in fast and hard. Guitar melodies, thunderous percussion and screaming vocals tore through the opening act. As they grinded through their set, the fans knew that this was only the beginning.  Squidhammer… Read More
Submitted by mark on Oct 19, 2019
For those that aren’t familiar with Crobot, you need to get to know these guys. This foursome out of Pennsylvania features lead singer Brandon Yeagley, Chris Bishop on guitars, Dan Ryan on drums and bassist Eddie Collins. While they have released three full length albums and an EP previously, their… Read More
Submitted by kat on Oct 13, 2019
The tiny venue could be found up some steep, curved stairs. It’s so small that it even lacks a bar, so if you want a drink you have to head back down the spiralling works of Satan. However, something about the entire place just made it feel very welcoming. As 7:30pm hit, the crowds gathered up to… Read More
Submitted by mark on Oct 12, 2019
When it comes to hard rock and heavy metal bands, there are all different genres and styles. But Alien Weaponry occupies a category all to themselves. Hailing from New Zealand, this three piece band is comprised of brothers Henry DeJong on drums and Lewis DeJong on vocals and guitar, as well as… Read More