Streaming events and other music priorities…

GR logoIt’s already been a few months since humanity started dealing with the new virus, the covid-19 one, and the global economy is going downhill. Probably we’re about to experience the worst recession since the World War II… Well time will surely tell!
The music business has been ruined, in a way, due to the lack of touring, live shows and festivals in general. This is where the big money is earned and the tour cancellations this year have been done massively and globally.
To come out of this bad position, the bands and the labels have decided to try to do things virtually. Yeah, virtual tours, streaming events, pay per view concerts, virtual fests and stuff like that. Some bands stream their live shows and some others just upload some recorded shows of theirs and allow their fans to watch them for a specific time… the same goes for some virtual festivals.
Well, it’s not a bad idea, on the whole and fans globally can watch their favorite bands play live, or even stream some older shows which they never had the chance to watch before.
My only objection is that this thing has started becoming a “hype” or a “trend” if you will, and bands have started charging at least $10 to stream their events. Well, it’s a bit weird to get to pay $20 (approx.) to see a band live on stage, go to the club and so on, and pay $10 (approx.) to see a band via your pc, tablet or smart phone playing live or even streaming an old recorded show of theirs!
We should think more clearly and act very carefully during these hard times we’re all experiencing, cuz we’re going through a global economy crisis and none can spend money so carelessly anymore. Yeah the music business is suffering due to the pandemic, like all the business out there, but if they ask for money none is able to give anymore, the situation won’t be any better.
We all need time to see what will be and we all need to lower our economic expectations, as long as the pandemic is still threatening our lives. So, go easy with those streaming events and do not ask fans to give more than they can. Personally I prefer to get an album or merch from a band that I fancy, than watch a virtual show with the same money. It’s all about priorities!
PS1: Summer and covid-19 is a terrible mix that is ruining our best time of the year!
PS2: Bands, music and PR labels are doing all they can to keep the music flame alive during these difficult times and we are here to support them all the way, in any way we can!
PS3: This month’s editorial is dedicated to the great singer and songwriter Benny Mardones, who passed away on June 22nd, at the age of 73. Benny is mostly known for the hit ballad, Into the Night, which he co-wrote with Robert Tepper. Thx for the music Benny! Rest in Peace…